Wednesday 6 January 2021

Lysa TerKeurst Divorce

Lysa TerKeurst, the very popular president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, has gone through a tremendous line of events in her life for the past few years. She faced a divorce, and reconciliation followed by that, which shook her very badly. She also had to face long periods of medical treatment for a disease believed to be almost incurable even in this modern world of medicinal treatments too. TerKeurst being the author of the famous book “It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way”, along with 20 other inspirational books, has always kept her life events open to the common people so that they can get inspired from her life, which included a lot of hardships and struggle.

It was in the year 2017 that the American author and Christian writer decided to make an end to her 25 year old marriage life. She announced the news on her Twitter and Facebook account, and gave the explanation that she has filed for a divorce from her husband Art TerKeurst because of his infidelity and substance abuse. There are reports that there were arguments going on between the couple from a few years ago itself and despite her initiatives to live together with her husband, his actions made her to think about divorce.

TerKeurst, along with her husband shares five children and three grand children, and most of her children are working in the field of missionary and teaching itself, like their mother is. Hope TerKeurst, Jackson TerKeurst, and Mark TerKeurst are the most popular ones among her children, and are leading a happy and successful life along with their career. The TerKeurst family owns two girls and a boy as their grandchildren too. Lysa TerKeurst’s another daughter Ashley, is married to the former college pastor at Church of the Highlands David Hodges, who happens to be the son of Church of Highlands founding Pastor Chris Hodges. Thus, TerKeurst shares a grandson with Pastor Chris Hodges, which she considers to be a matter of great blessing.

Talking about the divorce of her life, she revealed in 2017 through her social media account that her husband cheated her with another woman, whom she met on the internet, and is planning to move out with her, to somewhere else. It was a shock to the author that her husband Art is cheating her, and also found that he is not willing to stop the affair even after TerKeurst getting acknowledged about the same. After finalizing the divorce case in 2017, she tried to concentrate in her charity works, but soon got diagnosed with breast cancer, for which she underwent a major surgery too. After the unbelievable recovery from the disease, she got the chance to reconcile with her former husband Art, and renewed their wows in December 2018, in a small function, in the presence of their loved ones, including their children and grandchildren.

As always, TerKeurst decided to share the events of her life with her followers this time also, and wrote a blog about the same. She believes that her faith in God and the power of forgiveness has brought back the joy in her life.