Wednesday 6 January 2021

Tim Heidecker Divorce

Tim Heidecker, the American comedian and internet celebrity is currently living happily with his wife Marilyn Porayko and their two children at Pennsylvania in the United States of America. Heidecker, who is popular for his show of the comedy duo Tim and Eric, which he presents along with Eric Wareheim, was rumored to be getting divorced from his wife some years ago, which was later denied by the couple. 

Heidecker got married to Porayko in the year 2007 on the day of 2nd June. Since then, the couple was known to be living happily and has always been known for couple goals. Heidecker and Porayko shares two children, a daughter named Amelia, born in 2013, and a son named Charlie, born in 2016. The couple often shares happy instances shared in the family in various occasions. 

As it is widely known, Heidecker always has talent in converting real life problems into fantastic jokes, which he has proved in several occasions. It was based on a similar context that one of his Album in the year 2019 released. Heidecker is well known as a vocal Trump detractor. He has criticized Donald Trump even before Trump became the President of America. A campaign aroused suddenly in which some supporters of Donald Trump made the rumor that Heidecker and his wife Porayko are getting divorced. 

The point of the people behind the campaign was to prove that Heidecker is a weak man and wanted a divorce, which was later supported by some divorce papers forged illegally. However, it did not affected the couple’s calm and peaceful life, but made a lot of speculations in he public media and between the people who knew them. Heidecker with a different approach, decided to make the rumor an inspiration and a new album was released the next year. His album released in 2019 was named as ‘What the Broken Hearted Do…’, which is a 11 – track album, primarily focusing on romantic relationships and break-ups. 

Tim Heidecker, born as Timothy Richard Heidecker, is primarily known as a comedian, but is also a writer, director, actor, and musician. His famous shows include Great Job, Tom Goes to the Mayor, and Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories, and has appeared in movies including Bridesmaids, The Comedy, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Us. He married the Canadian actress Marilyn Porayko in 2007 after dating for a few years. She is known as a producer too, and is known for Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, Lapse, and Late. 

As the news about the divorce filed by Heidecker and his wife Porayko remains as a rumor itself, it can be concluded that the couple is leading a happy and peaceful marriage life along with their children and loved ones. As Heidecker has released albums making clear his political stand, which includes those criticizing Donald Trump also, similar albums and shows can be expected from the talented personality in the future too. He had once made the statement that he will share any news about his family with the public.