Sunday 9 July 2017

Mark Harmon

Mark Hormon with birthname as Thomas Mark Hormon is an American actor.He was born on September 2 ,1951 in Burbank,California,USA.His parents are Tom Harmon,a football player and Elyse Knox, an actress and artist.He is known for his role in "The West Wing" as Secret service agent Simon Donovan.He's been active in the field since 1970.

Some of the films he was involved are Comes a Horseman,Beyond the Poisedon Adventure,The Dream Merchants,Tuareg-The Desert warriror,Let’s get Harry,Cold Heaven,Magic in the Water,For all time,Weather Girl,Chasing Liberty etc.As a Television actor he was involved in Ozzie’s Girls, Adam-12,The Hardy Boys, Getting Married,Sam,The Lover Boat, Centennial,Police Woman,Getting married, Little Mo,NCIS,Family Guy,NCIS:New Orieans etc

Mark Harmon  Religion

Mark Harmon‘s religion is Roman Catholic and thus he seems to be following rituals and belief as that of a Catholic.

Mark Harmon Political Views

Mark Hormon’s public statements supporting any political party nor their ideologies are not easy to find.So one can assume that he might be a non-political person or a person who don't want to go public about his political views.

Who is he/she dating?

Mark Harmon was married to actress Pam Dawber on March 21,1987 and since then the couple seems to be enjoying their marriage life.The couple was blessed with 2 sons; Sean Thomas, who was born on 1988 and Ty Christian Hormon ,born on 1992.

Mark Harmon Hobbies

Mark Harmon was a known football player in his early days.He loves dogs.He had an Australian Sheperd,a Golden Retriver and a Bearded Collie.He used to do Pilates which help him to maintain his fitness level.

Interesting Facts

Mark Harmon was a marathon runner.In his young age he ran 45 miles a week.He is called by different nicknames such as Siver Fox,Quaterback,Papa Smurf,Gibbs,Charmin Harmon and Papa Bear.He worked as a Carpenter before hitting the screens big.

He has been known to wear shirts which were sent by his fans.He also studied American Sign language.In 1970’s he was the national Shoe Representative of Adidas.He was nominated several times for his acting at Golden Globe Awards.In 2017 he won the favorite TV crime Drama actor at People’s Choice Awards.