Wednesday 6 January 2021

Steve Zaragoza Divorce

Steve Zaragoza, the American online personality is living single after the divorce from his first marriage, and is rumored to be currently dating some girl from his latest series of work. Zaragoza, who is currently working as a part of the Valleyfolk, the popular sketch comedy group, was married to Sara Zaragoza, for a period of 2006 to 2016. Zaragoza, whose real name is Esteban Zaragoza, is the American actor, singer and song writer, was born on 9th June 1982, at New York. His first appearance on-screen was in the 2008 year music video by Buckcherry, which was titled as ‘Too Drunk…’. There are sources that explains that the famous web series host started getting involved in year 2009, with a sound department credit in the American computer animated science fiction film named Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. He also worked as a sound engineering in Sony during the initial years of his career. 

Even though Zaragoza is not much open about his personal life, it seems like his ex-wife, Sara Zessin was really supportive for him. They got married on 24th June 2006, after some years of dating. He has not expressed much about his feelings for his then-wife, but she seemed to be the love of his life at that time. The couple finally decided to get separated in the year 2015, and filed for divorce on the same year. 

Zaragoza’s marriage life was perfect for the outside world, but it is not known if they had the happiness and mutual understanding in between them, which makes the perfect bond between a husband and wife. However, both the parties remained silent about the cause of their separation, and never liked to discuss about the same. It was Zaragoza that opened up about the adversities of his life later in 2019, through his Twitter handle. He says that it was a really hard time for him, as he was facing clinical depression and anxiety at that time, which haunted him really badly, along with the problems during the divorce petition period. 

In between the tough times of his divorce, he joined the famous SourceFed team in March 2012, where SouceFed is a Youtube channel and news website, mainly focusing on popular culture, news and technology. Other than showing his rare talent as a singer, song writer, musician and web series host in front of his audience, Zaragoza is not so interested in sharing his personal life details with the public, or media. 

After finalizing the divorce some time in 2016, he was rumored to be dating Breana Danielle, who is known by the stage name Bree Essring. Essring happens to be the co-worker of Zaragoza in the SourceFed, and the two of them frequently posted pictures of each other on the social media, but after a few months, they un-followed each other. It was a relationship about which neither of the parties never talked out in public, and same was the case of their breakup. Steve Zaragoza is currently in a relationship with a woman named Alana, whose identity remains unknown, but he frequently mentions her name in the ‘Valleyfolk’ episodes.