Sunday 9 July 2017

Michael Mckean

Michael Mckean with birthname as Michael John Mckean is an American actor who also excelled in other related fields like music,writing,composing etc.He was born on Oct 17,1947 in New York city, New York,USA.He is known for his role in the AMC Drama, Better Call Saul and as "Mr.Green"in the comedy/mystery film Clue.He's been active in the field since 1973.

He is the Co-writer of the Grammy Award winning song" A Mighty Wind".Some of the films he was involved are Cracking up, Used Cars, Young Doctors in Love, This is Spinal tap, Light of Day, Earth Girls are easy, Man Trouble,The Producer,The Meddler etc.Some of the TV shows in which he involved are Happy Days, Leonard Lenny Kosnowski,Grand,Saturday Night Live,The 7D, Tonight with John Oliver, Special Victims Unit,Road Rovers,Duckman,Family album,Dream on,Empty Nest etc.

Michael Mckean  Religion

Michael Mckean seems to be a following Christianity.In his Twitter statement,he said that "I'm neither religious nor overly Oldie-sentimental,but I just imagined Otis Redding singing Ave Maria and nearly cried".

Michael Mckean Political Views

Michael Mckean public statements supporting any political party nor their ideologies are not easy to find.So one can assume that he might be a non-political person or a person who don't want to go public about his political views.

Who is he/she dating?

Michael Mckean is currently living with his spouse Annette O' Toole whom he married in 1999.Prior to that he was married to Susan Russell in 1970 and got divorced in 1999.He has two children Fletcher Mckean and Colin Mckean.

Michael Mckean Hobbies

Michael Mckean's hobbies are not much known.Being a person who's been involved in the film industry from different aspects like actor,writer,musician and composer,one may assume that he might be spending his leisure time by indulging himself in activities related to the industry.

Interesting Facts

Michael Mckean is of Irish,English,Scottish,German and some Dutch ascent.In 2003 at Seattle film Critics Awards,his song "A Mighty Wind" won the Best Music Award.That song also won the Best song Award at Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards in 2004.

In 2001, he won the Best Audio Commentary Award at DVD Exclusive Awards for his role in This is Spinal Tap.In 2003, he was nominated for the Best Animated Character Performance at DVD Exclusive Awards for his role in The Hunchback of Notre Dance.