Sunday 9 July 2017

Monica Potter

Monica Potter with birth name as Monica Gregg Brokaw is an American actress.She was born on June 30,1971 in Cleveland, Ohio,USA to Nancy and Paul Brokaw.Her mom was a secretary in a Hospital and her father was the inventor of the first flame resistant car wax.Potter has 3 siblings.Right from her younger age she wanted to be an actress and started acting when she was in the Elementary school.

She did various jobs in her early days such as working in flower shop, sub sandwich shop and also modelling in commercials and magazine ads.She was known for her roles in Con Air,Patch Adams,Saw and in the remake of The Last House on the Left.Some of the films in which she was involved are Bullet Proof,Heaven or Vegas,Along came a Spider,I am with Lucy,Lower Learning, The Last House on the Left etc.Some of the TV shows in which she was involved are reversible Errors,Parenthood,Wisdom of the Crowd,Trust Me,Protect and Serve,Boston Legal etc.

Monica Potter Religion

Monica Potter was raised as a Roman Catholic and thus one can assume that she might be still practicing catholic religious practices and having the same belief and faith as that of a Catholic as she didn't make any public statements recently regarding her faith.

Monica Potter Political Views

Not much is known regarding her political stand and her ideologies and philosophies about politics.So one can assume safely that she may want to keep her political ideas away from the public or a non-political person.

Who is he/she dating?

Monica Potter is enjoying her marriage life since 2005 with her spouse Daniel Christopher Allison who is a Orthopedic Surgeon by Profession.Prior to that she got married to Tom Potter in 1990 and got divorced in 1998.She has 2 sons and 1 daughter.

Monica Potter Hobbies

Monica Potter is known in many different ways such as Designer,Decorator,Entrepreneur, Fixer, Cook, Host,Amateur Bowler,Creator etc.With 3 children to be taken care of apart from being an actress,leisure time may be a luxury for her.So it seems that in her spare time she may fit in any one of the shoes which was described above.

Interesting Facts

Monica Potter's favorite singer is Cat Stevens and her favorite movie is Radio Flyer.The Song written by Counting Crows,"Mrs.Potter Lullaby"was written about her.In 1990,Potter played a role as Dalina for the pilot of the US version of the Peruvian Tv show Nubeluz which was never aired.

Her father is of German,English,Scottish and distant French,Beligian and Swedish ascent.Her Maternal grand parents are of Irish origin.Potter is called by the nicknames Mocky and Mon.