Friday 7 July 2017

Gore Verbinski

Gore Verbinski is an American director, screen writer, producer and musician who was born on 16th March, 1964 at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. His father Victor Vincent Verbinski was a nuclear physicist and mother Laurette Ann was a house wife. He is one of the most inventive director and he was a punk rock guitarist at the teen age. He sold his guitar in lieu of his first camera. Now he is known a s the director of Pirates of Carebbean: Dead  Man's Chest(2006) which was one of the movies which got more than $1 billion worldwide. His work is critically acclaimed in direction of movies The Ring, Rango and A cure for wellness(2017). 

Gore Verbinski Religion

Gore's father was of Polish descent. But he seems to be not much religious. He directed several videos for the band "Bad Religion" which has a logo of a prohibition sign over a cross. Which indicates that the band is non religious. But its about the band Bad religion and nothing is known about Gore Verbinski Religion. But Polish people are generally Christian so he can be assumed Christian but Gore has not confirmed any of that. 

Gore Verbinski Political Views

Gore is not a supporter of politics at all. He has his independent views and he never talks about his interest in politics. He is a great director of Hollywood and for being a director it is quite a peculiarity to to remain non-political. 

Who is he dating?

Verbinski is married to Clayton Verbinski. The couple is having two children Ivan Verbinski and Anton Verbisnki. Gore is quite shy about sharing his personal life with the media but as far as resources  have confirmed he didn't have any other affairs and living a happy life with his family.

Gore Verbinski Hobbies

Verbinski is fond of music. At early age he learnt guitar and mastered it. He has released many videos also for Bad Religion, Vicious Rumors,NOFX, 24-7 spyz . He was also involved in development of Xbox 360 video game called Matter using Kinect. But in 2015 Verbinski confirmed that the event was cancelled. We hope his interest and skills will combined together again and we will receive a new master piece. 

Interesting Facts

Verbinski won the Academy Award for best Animated Feature in 2012 for his animated action-comedy western Rango.
He is the creator of the Budweiser frogs.
Verbinski was ranked 79 on premier's 24 annual power 100 list. He appeared first time on the list.
He was a 1987 graduate of the prestigious UCLA film school.
Verbinski was one of 105 people invited to join AMPAS in 2008.