Saturday 8 July 2017

Robyn Lively

Robin Elaine Lively,also known as Robyn Lively is an American actress.She was born on February 7,1945 in Powder Springs,Georgia, USA.She was born into a family of actors and she also inherited the same.Her mother,and all her four siblings were into the film industry.She was well known for her performances in The Karate kid part III (1989), Teen witch (1989) and Savannah (1996).

Even at the age of 6,she started acting and made her debut in TV film,Summer of my German Soldier in 1978.Some of the TV movies she acted are Fuzz Bucket, Not Quite Human, Teen Angel Returns, Crazy from the Heart, In sickness and in Health, Precious victims, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones:Travels with Father etc.

She also starred in TV episodes like Boone, Knight Rider, Punky Brewster, The new leave it to Beaver,Silver Spoons, Starman, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Against the Grain etc

Robyn Lively Religion

Robyn Lively joined ‘The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints" when she became an adult and thus became a member in the Mormons Community.As a Mormon,we can say that she may also believes in Bible and also other books of scripture like Book of Mormon and have faith that God Speaks to his children and their prayers will be answered.

Robyn Lively Political Views

Robyn Lively seems not to be a candid person when it comes to politics.As not much is known regarding her political views or which type of ideologies she is leaning towards, it is better to assume that she is neutral.

Who is he/she dating?

Robyn Lively was married to her fellow actor Bart Johnson on 25th September 1999 and they seems to enjoy each other company since then.They have three children namely Baylen Johnson, Kate Johnson and Wyatt Blake Johnson. They  resides in the Hollywood Hills.Before  her marriage she was in relationshipwith Neil Patrick Harris which extended for a year and  they got separated in 1993. 

Robyn Lively Hobbies

Robyn Lively favorite leisure activity is not very much known.Having a family full of actors and being in the Entertainment industry since childhood,it is assumed that she might be doing something related to the field in her leisure time.

Interesting Facts

Robyn Lively was the daughter-in-law of Charlene Johnson and Sister-in-law of Adam Johnson and Brad Johnson.Her mother Elaine Lively was a talent manager. She attended the same elementary school as Liana Loggins.

She was nominated for Outstanding Performer in a Children’s special in Daytime Emmy Awards in 1991 for her role in ABC Afterschool Special (Episode:The less than Perfect daughter).She was also nominated for Best Young Actress starring in a motion picture in 1990 and in 1987 for Exceptional Performance by a Young actress starring in a Feture film-Comedy or Drama.