Tuesday 27 June 2017

Daniel McBride

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Daniel Richard McBride, well known as Danny McBride, was born on December 29 1976, in Statesboro, Georgia, USA.  Though he is American by birth, McBride has a wide range of ancestry including Jewish, English, Irish and Scottish, with his roots originally from Country Tyrone, in Northern Ireland. Mcbride has performed as an actor, writer and comedian. He is well known for his role in films like the Pineapple Express, and Tropic Thunder which aired in 2008. He has also starred in comedy films like This is the End in 2013 and Your Highness in 2011.

Danny McBride Religion: 

Not know much is known about Danny McBride’s religion. He was raised as a Baptist, but he does have a family history of English, Jewish, Scottish, and Irish faiths. McBride’s mother has been known to perform sermons in churches using puppets. He believes that his interest in telling stories comes from her, due to this reason. This is all that we can say for now.

Danny McBride Political Views: 

Danny McBride doesn’t have many views on politics. While he was interviewed by Rolling Stone, for his latest show, ‘Vice Principals’, McBride has openly claimed that he would be one of ‘the least political people to have been interviewed.’ He feels that he doesn’t have any strong opinions on the subject and prefers to follow a middle path. That is all that we know about his little views on politics.

Who is he dating?

Danny McBride, unlike most celebrities today, has contributed little to the dating game. He has had one marriage till now and was married to Gia Ruiz, on the 9th of October in the year, 2010 and they were blessed with one child in the year after that. At the moment, McBride is more focused in his work and has been working with HBO for his new TV series.

Danny McBride Hobbies

McBride doesn’t have many hobbies as such. He is very inclined to his work at present and performs as a writer, actor and comedian. He is a great story teller and enjoys telling them to people. He feels that his mother had raised him to be a natural storyteller as she was a great one herself. She would use objects like puppets to tell him those.

Interesting Facts

1-      He was brought up in Spotsylvania County, in Virginia and attended school in Courtland High School and North Carolina, School of the Arts in Winston-Salem in North Carolina.
2-      In 2006, McBride was offered a role in the low budget comedy film, ‘The Foot Fist Way’, in which he played Fred Simmons. He took up this job is collaboration with co-writers: Jody Hill and Ben Best.

3-      In March 2009, he was offered to play professional baseball with the Pensacola Pelicans, a minor league team in the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball.

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