Tuesday 27 June 2017

Aidan Gillen

Aidan Gillen is an Irish actor best known for his performance as Petyr Littlefinger Baelish in the most extravagant TV series The Game of Thrones. Some of his prominent and striking roles were CIA operative in The Dark Knight Rises, John Boy in the RTE Television series Love/Hate, Tommy Carcetti in the HBO series The Wire. As a matter of fact, his role in outstanding Channel 4 TV series Queer Folk earned him a British Academy Television Award nomination. Some of his recent movies are Sing Street, The Lovers, King Arthur and Maze Runner. His award arsenal consists of recognition from Irish Film and Television Award, British Film and Television Award, Empire Hero Award etc.

Aidan Gillen Religion

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Aidan's education was in Glasnevin's St. Vincent. His mother was a nurse and father an architect. Given his family background and education, it is quite clear that Aidan is a Christian by faith.

Aidan Gillen Political Views

Gillen's political values can be attributed to his roles of television and movies, however, his opinions and preferences have never been openly declared. Nevertheless, he is an outspoken actor who often speaks a lot about his serials and characters played. He has been quoted saying, " It's always more interesting to take on someone that's going to have hidden sides or a fatal flaw, because there's going to be more to play with- more conflict, internally or in and around them." 

Who is he/she dating?

Adian was married to Olivia O'Flanagan and has two children. He used to lives with them in Kerry, Ireland with his family. They separated in 2014 and his current partner is Camille O'Sullivan. 

Aidan Gillen Hobbies

Mostly seen in Television and Movies, Gillen's hobbies and interests are largely into oblivion. Since he began acting during his teenage in the Dublin Youth Theatre in the drama Midsummer Night's Dream before moving to London, his mainstream career must have remained his prime activity as well as entertainment.

Interesting Facts

He dedicated his Irish Film and Television Award for the series The Wire to his wife and children, who he says have been the biggest motivation. 

His big break was in the acclaimed as well as controversial TV series Queer as a Folk.

Actress Fionnuala Murphy is his sister.