Tuesday 27 June 2017

Damian Lewis

Damian Lewis is an acclaimed English actor who initially worked as a telemarketer before being an actor. A brief stint of his acting career has been a stage actor in  the Royal Shakespeare Company. He appeared in the movies Robinson Crusoe and Hamlet where he was spotted by Steven Spielberg, casting him again in Band Of Brothers. His performance in this movie earned him a Golden Globe nomination. Some of his other noteworthy movies are Dreamcathcer, Keane, Brides, An Unfinished Line, Bill, Oceans of Eight and several others. His character in the Television series Homeland has earned him Golden Globe, Emmy's and Dorian Award. Lewis is currently working in the TV series Billions. Interestingly, Damian was appointed an Officer of the Order of British Empire in the 2014 Birthday Honours for his services to drama. 

Damian Lewis Religion

Damian is a British national, born in London. His grandparents were Welsh. His religion can be concluded as Christian given his background. Some in his family are of Jewish descent too. Although a British, he has a perfect American accent and often plays the role of American military officials. 

Damian Lewis Political Views

Lewis mostly plays the character of mentally unstable or violent characters apart from American military roles. There hasn't been any political ripples or associations in his career as of now, however,  he was appointed as a trade justice ambassador for a charity called Christian Aid. His political inclinations are unheard or unreported but he once acted as a Tory Prime Minister in two seasons of Number 10 on BBC Radio 4. 

Who is he/she dating?

Damian is married to actress Helen McCrory and has two children. He lived in Los Angeles, California for some time in 2007 and then returned to England in early 2009.

Damian Lewis Hobbies

He graduated from Guildhall School of Music and Drama that gives him the leisurely hobby of playing guitar and keyboard. Apparently interested in Golf, he participated twice in Northern Rock All Star Cup, an exciting golf tournament between European and American celebrities. 

Interesting Facts

His American accent is so perfect that other crew members didn't believe he was British.

This red-haired actor often plays military officials of America.

His role in Homeland was so famous that Damian along with his wife was invited to the White House by Barack Obama.