Monday 17 July 2017

Alexander Dreymon

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Alexander Dreymon is a young, enthusiastic actor born on February 7, 1983. He was born in Germany and brought up in France, Switzerland, Germany, USA. He is best known for enacting the role of Uhtred of Bebbanburg in The Last Kingdom. Dreymon first appeared as a stage actor in London and Paris and then made his screen debut in Ni reprise ni echangee, a French drama. Later on, he went on to play alongside Doctor Who's Matt Smith in Christopher and his Kind, a British movie.

He made his presence felt in several short films in US and also as Luke Ramsey in Coven, American Horror Story's season 3. He is currently busy with playing Uhtred, in The Last Kingdom, which is a British historical fiction television series.

Alexander Dreymon Religion

Aleaxander Dreymon is a German born, which makes him a Christian. On a lighter note, its said that Alexander Dreymon is a man without a country. Well, he was born in Germany but with his teacher mother and also due to family circumstances, he lived all over the world. 

Alexander Dreymon Political Views

Politics is something which is too personal to talk in front of the media. So Dreymon has always been cautious to discuss such delicate matters publicly.

Who is he dating?

Aleaxander Dreymon is a handsome actor gifted with a good body. Obviously people all over the world are curious to know if he has a girlfriend. Dreymon is quite secretive when it comes to dating but we have something for you here. In 2010, he was romantically involved with a Greek actress but their relationship lasted for only 2 years. Very little is known about Dreymon's love life, after that break up. Seems like he is either single or he is very good at hiding his personal life details. Whatever it is, wishing him good luck from us.

Alexander Dreymon Hobbies

Dreymon once said, "I always knew I wanted to be an actor." There were times in his life, when he wanted to pursue other alternative careers like being an astronaut, or a doctor. But acting has always been on priority and well, naturally its his hobby.

Interesting Facts

Alexander Greymon, his original name was Alexander Doetsch. He adopted Dreymon after 2011.
Though he is a German born, he lived all over the world but now settled in Los Angeles. He can comfortably speak in English, French and German.
He studied at the Drama Centre in London for 3 years.