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Wednesday 6 January 2021

American actress Megan Fox, and her husband Brian Austin Green, the famous actor and rapper has decided to get separated in 2020, and the process is on its final stage, as reports suggests on November 2020. Green, who is also known as a producer, is best known for his role as David Silver in the television series Beverly Hills, 90210. Fox, the aspiring actress is popular for his portrayal of Mikaela Banes in the action film Transformers, and also played the lead character in the horror comedy film Jennifer’s Body, of 2009. 

The couple got married on 24th June 2010, which happened after a series of events, including a few breakups. The couple met for the first time in the year 2004, on the set of Hope and Faith. Green was initially hesitant in dating Fox, as she was only 18 years old, while he was 30 years old. Green’s doubts in entering a relationship with someone with such an age difference got cleared only when he got realize that Fox is smarter than other 18 year olds. And finally the engagement was done in 2006, but due to some unknown reasons, they broke the engagement in February 2009. But the couple decided to reconcile after a short break in June 1, 2010, but the statement of Fox seemed to be contrasting about the engagement, as she said that she and Green had been continuously engaged since 2006 itself. Several days after the engagement, they decided to get married too. The wedding was at the Four Seasons resort on the island of Hawaii.

On August 2015, Green and Fox together filed for divorce. They had announced through their social media accounts some days ago that they are living separately, which was a great shock to their fans. But the next year, it was made clear that they have reconciled, and later everybody came to know that they are expecting their third child together. Three years after that, Fox filed to dismiss the divorce petition they had filed in 2015 in Los Angeles, California. But the couple finally decided to separate in May 2020, about 10 years after their marriage. The couple has taken the decision to end their family having three children: Noah Shannon Green (born September 2012), Bodhi Ransom Green (February 2014), and Journey River Green (born August 2016). The couple had Green’s son from his previous relationship too with them, Kassius.

                Fox was rumored to be in a relationship with the American rapper, singer, and songwriter Machine Gun Kelly since a year. Later in June 2020, she and Machine Gun Kelly appeared together in public, which happened several weeks after the release of Kelly’s song “Bloody Valentine”, featuring Fox too in the video. Fox describes Machine Gun Kelly as her ‘Twin Flame’, as she felt the spark as soon as they met for the first time, according to her own words. 

Prior to meeting Fox, Green was in a relationship with Tiffani Thiessen, his Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star, for a period from 1992 to 1995. He has also dated Vanessa Marcil, his Beverly Hills, 90210 cast-mate. 




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William Albert Ackman, commonly known as Bill Ackman, is the famous American investor, and hedge fund manager, is currently enjoying his life with his second wife, Neri Oxman. He was previously married to Karen Ann Herskovitz, and ended the 25 year old relationship. Ackman is the founder of the Pershing Square Capital Management, which concentrated on hedge funding, and is located on the 11th Avenue in New York. 

It was along with his wife Karen Ann Herskovitz, that Ackman founded the Pershing Square Capital Management, which has currently a turn-over of around billions of money, and includes a lot of real estate areas too. Ann Herskovitz is a landscape architect, and she met Ackman in a very young age itself. They got married on 10th July 1994, in a ceremony at the St. Regis, which included their parents, best friends, and other close ones only. Their life was perfect and ideal for all the other couples, and they got blessed with three children, who are named as Eloise Ackman, Lucy Ackman, and Liza Ackman. Herskovitz always remained as a strong support for her husband, both in family and professional field. Reports says that the couple together has amassed an estimated amount of 1.65 bilion dollars, along with 13,500 square- foot duplex dubbed ‘the Winter Garden’.

It was after the accusation of all this wealth that Herskovitz decided to call it quits. They made a statement together about the separation as, ‘it saddens us to share that after 25 years together, we are separating. It is an amicable split, and we are making sure that we minimize the impact on our girls. We value your friendship and greatly appreciate your support.’ The couple seemed to be really emotional, while announcing about their separation, but it seemed to be an essential thing. The reason behind their separation is unknown, as there seemed to be no indifferences between their couples. 

There seems to be a huge amount as the settlement once the divorce is finalized, as Herskovits has a crucial role in the development of the foundation of their institution. However, no information regarding the settlement amount is not available, as either the parties has not talked openly to the media about the divorce processes. It was on 22nd December 2016 that the divorce of the couple was finalized. 

Ackman got engaged to Neri Oxman in 2018, two years after his divorce from Herskovitz. Oxman, the American-Israeli designer and professor at the MIT Media Lab. As two people getting in contact on the basis of profession, they had known each some time ago. They decided to get married on January 2019, at the Central Synagogue in Manhattan. Their marriage was kind of a private function, which was attended by some close friends and family only. Their first child Raika, was born on the spring of 2019. As of now, Ackman is living happily with his wife and daughter at New York. 




The Scottish actor James McAvoy is currently married to Lisa Liberati, the American production assistant. McAvoy was previously married to Annie-Marie Duff, who is a well-known English actress and narrator. McAvoy become popular with his big screen roles in movies including the Chronicles of Narnia, the Witch and Wardrobe, Wanted, and as Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men film franchise. Duff is well known for her roles in films Enigma, Notes on a Scandal, The Last Station, Before I Go to Sleep, and Suffragette. She has received the BAFTA award for supporting actress and McAvoy has won a number of BAFTA nominations. 

McAvoy stated his acting career in the year 1995, and gained popularity through his television appearances till 2003. He met his future wife Anne Marie Duff in 2004, while filming of the television series Shameless, who played the role of his love interest in the series. They dated for about two years and married on 11th November 2006, in a private ceremony, which was attended by their close family and friends only. The couple welcomed their one and only child, son Brendan in the year 2010. They were very caring about the kid, and in order to avoid any disruptions in his life due to his parents’ busy professional life, they together bought a home in North London, so that they can spend their time when they were free with their son. 

The couple decided to choose separate paths in life and announced the same on 13th May 2016. Their statement regarding the same explained that the decision was a hard one to take, but as it was a necessity, they are getting divorced. The couple jointly announced that they will remain good friends and will remain as a strong support for each other whenever in need. They also took the decision to work together for providing their son a happy and better future. 

As decided earlier, both the parties never talked about each other out in public, and Duff once defined divorce as a difficult experience, in which no warnings are given. McAvoy admitted that his life has changed a lot after the divorce, and some other things are the same even after the divorce. He revealed that he was able to remove his addiction to whiskey, as he wanted to do it a long time ago. Duff also said that she has more time for herself and son Brandon after the divorce. 

McAvoy met Lisa Liberati in the sets of the M. Night Shyamalan film Split, where she worked as the production assistant. Since 2017, they were rumored to be in a relationship, but either of them never mentioned anything about the same. Even though the couple is not hesitant in appearing publicly with each other, they never says anything out in public about each other. However, tabloid newspapers found a ring in the hands of Liberati, which they speculate to be a wedding ring. Rumors are there that the couple has married secretly, but no confirmation regarding the same is available. 




Famous television personality Kelly Dodd has decided to file for divorce from her husband, Michael Dodd, and as she says, the process, which she decided to fulfill as fast as possible, as she understands that the process is tiring and exhausting. Dodd rose to popularity as she started to appear in ‘’The Real Housewives of Orange County. She met her husband Michael also had a chance to develop himself through the reality show. The show, which features the daily life of couples, has a major influence in the day-to-day life of its participants. Dodd, along with other participants, is well known for creating drama on silly matters, and fights with other members of the show including Vicki Gunvalson, Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge. 

The English celebrity, has married thrice, with two divorces, and several other relationships, and has only one child. She was initially married to Scott Christopher Silva, which happened on March 2001. Further details regarding Silva is not available, but the un-natural life style of Dodd might have influenced their marriage life too, and might have become the reason for their divorce all of a sudden. They filed for divorce on the month October of the year 2004, and got separated in the same year. She later got married to Michael Dodd on April 2006. In contrast to her previous relationships, this one lasted for around four teen years, and the couple has blessed with a baby girl. Their daughter was born on 2006, and she was named as Jolie. Their family remained as a happy and ideal one, until there aroused differences between the concepts of the couple. 

Reports says that there remained a darker side between the couple, and that Dodd always raised her voice against her husband. One of her fellow participants in The Real Housewives of the Orange County Gunavalson, revealed that she always fights with her husband, and she didn’t liked him at all. Gunavalson also stated that Michael Dodd wanted to stay with his wife, no matter what. There were some other reports saying that Michael Dodd had filed a restraining order against his wife in July 2014. She had to complete 10 alcoholics’ anonymous meeting and six months therapy as a result of that order. However, after the separation, she was hitched to some other men too. 

Dodd was in a relationship with plastic surgeon Brian Reagan in the end of 2018, but the long distance relationship was kind of weird for Dodd, and therefore they stopped their relationship around mid-2019, ie, after six months of dating. Dodd has also faced other court cases too during the Real Housewives of Orange County, which included a defamation lawsuit filed by Gunvalson in November 2019. It was with the reason that Dodd called Gunvalson ‘con woman’, which destroyed Gunvalson’s reputation, and she failed to replaced her good-name. 

Later in 13th November 2019, Dodd announced that she is dating her then boyfriend Rick Leventhal.  She was in such an excitement about getting engaged, and Leventhal has proposed her with a large pear-shaped diamond ring, which she values a lot. 




Scotty Maurice Pippen, whose name is usually spelled as Scotty Pippen, popular as the American former professional basketball player, is currently single according to reports. His love life includes two marriages and divorces, and also relationships with a number of other women. He is one among the most important players of the Bulls team into a championship team, along with Michael Jordan, and also in popularizing NBA around the world, and converting it into a sports with a huge amount of fans. 

Pippen was married two times, both of which ended in divorce. He was initially married to Karen McCollum, with whom he led a married life for only two years. He was alleged to be in another relationship at the same time when he was the husband of McCollum. The one and only child for the couple, Antron Pippen, was born in 1987, way before the marriage of his parents. Pippen and McCollum decided to start their married life only a year after the birth of their son. They split up after two years of marriage, and eventually Pippen got diverted to another relationship. His divorce petition from McCollum got finalized in the same year, in 1987.

Even though he married only twice, Pippen has kids from other relationships too. He was dating the famous model Sonya Roby sometime around 1993, and soon the couple announced about the arrival of their children, twins. They were blessed with two kids Tyler and Taylor on 20th July 1994, but Taylor died nine days after his birth. It was at the same time when Pippen decided to leave them, but Roby fought for the rights of her kid, and Pippen ended up in agreeing to provide her a huge amount of compensation. 

Pippen was also involved in a romantic relationship with Yvette De Leon, who later gave birth to Pippen’s baby girl on 17th February 1995, Sierra Pippen. Some months after the birth of their child, Leon filed a lawsuit against Pippen pointing the domestic violence from his side. Pippen refused to give any compensation initially, but the powerful resistance from Leon’s side made him to fail in the case and had to provide a huge amount of money. 

He later met Larsa Younan, the aspiring model and actress, and also a participant of the Real Housewives of Miami. She was really young when she met Pippen, and was 9 years younger to him. In contrast to all other relationships of Pippen, his married life with Younan was a long one. They got married on the year 1997. He named a boat he bought as ‘My Larsa’, in the name of his love towards Larsa. However, he decided to end their relationship 21 years after the marriage. He filed for divorce in 2016, but the couple later reconciled. But after two years, the couple took a joint decision to choose separate paths and filed for divorce.  They described the process to be painful, but a requirement. There were rumors that the divorce is happening because of Larsa’s relationship with Future, the Rapper, which is not yet confirmed by either the parties. However, the couple has decided to take the joint custody of their four children. 




Cynthia Denise Bailey, the American model, is currently married to Mike Hill, which was the relationship she finally landed after a number of proposals, marriage, and divorce. The American actress, known for her appearance in ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, has also acted in films like Without You I’m Nothing, For Love or Money, and in TV shows like The Cosby Show. She now has a life centered in the reality show, ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, and her initial appearance was on the basis of her marriage to club owner Peter Thomas. 

It was on 24th July 2010 that Bailey married Peter Thomas, where the ceremony was held at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Before meeting Thomas, she was in a relationship with Jayson Williams, who happens to be a former American basketball professional player. Williams fall in love wth Bailey, and proposed her during the Brooklyn Nets halftime show. However, it seems like the American actress was not ready for a commitment at that time, and she turned down the proposal, and returned the engagement ring to Williams himself. It is rumored that she was in a relationship with Russel Simmons. She was also involved in a romantic relationship with Leon Robinson, with whom she gave birth to their first baby on 9th November 1999, their daughter is called as Noelle.

Peter Thomas’ first appearance in the Real Housewives of America was in the third season of the series, when he married Bailey. The couple had no serious or notable fights between them, throughout their life, but they decided to call it quits after approximately six years after the wedding. The couple announced jointly about their separation through their social media accounts, and the divorce was finalized in March 2017. The process was time taking and both parties had to do a lot of shifts and traveling related to the same, like Bailey had to move away with her daughter to their new house called ‘Lake Bailey’. 

In the following year, ie, in 2018, Bailey revealed about her relationship with the Fox Sports correspondent Mike Hill, in the month of August. They got engaged in the month of July of year 2019, and later got married on 10th October 2020. As the marriage function was at a time of the Global Pandemic, strict regulations had to be followed for conducting the function. Bailey comments about the same as ‘social distancing and face masks or face shields are used, in order to take care of the 250 guests in the function. However, the function got a lot of critical pressure as the function was attended by a large number of people, and also there were pictures in which the guests are seen without face masks or any other face covering. 

Bailey still is in good contact with her former husband’s family, as she wants Thomas to remain as a good friend, and to be a part of the family always. She considers the grandchildren of Thomas as her own, and similarly, Thomas often finds time to spend with his stepdaughter. 




Philip John Fleck Jr., also called as P.J Fleck, is the American Football coach, is currently living a happy life along with his wife and five children. The former player of San Francisco 49ers, who has made a number of achievements both as a professional player and a football coach, was previously married to another woman, whose much details are not available, as the couple were leading a less publicly open life at that time. 

The Western Michigan football coach is popular with his mantra, ‘Row Your Boat’, which he developed after the death of one of his children, and mantra is believed to be motivating as it helped in the victory of his team in several competitions. He was initially married to Tracie, who happened to be very much less popular in comparison to his present wife, Heather Fleck. Fleck along with his former wife Tracie welcomed their first child Colt into the world some years ago, but the baby did not had a long life. He died soon after the birth in his father’s arms. Reports says that he had a major heart problem, which triggered ending his life soon after his birth. 

Fleck was in great shock after his son’s death, but he realized that he should discover from the grief, and thereby derived a mantra for his life, ‘Row your Boat’. He stated that the belief in one’s life about the things going on can change so many things, and the perspective of one towards the bad things happening is important. The perspective should be that which enables one to think what should be done next. It is based on this that he made the mantra ‘Row your Boat’. Even though Fleck faced a number of adversities in his life, it is his strong belief in himself that saved him. He got divorced from his first wife Tracie, some years after the death of their son Colt, and Fleck become a single father of three in his early 30s. 

He brought his life back after meeting Heather Jackson, who also happened to be divorced and a mother of a boy. Unlike Fleck’s first wife Tracie, Heather always is active among group members, and she always supports he husband no matter what. The couple has currently five children, including one from Heather’s first marriage, who is in shared custody, from his father and mother. Stepson Gavin Jackson, sons Carter Jackson, aka C.J, and Colt, and daughters Paisley Jane, aka P.J, and Harper is the family of P.J Fleck, and Heather Jackson. 

Real reasons behind the divorce of Fleck and Tracie is kind of unknown, as Fleck has never mentioned about his life with former wife, or about his children. It seems like the couple had small fights in between them, and the death of their child might have anticipated the problems between them. It was on 11th February 2016 that Fleck and Heather got married, in the presence of their loved ones including their children and parents.