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Sofia Coppola

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Sofia Coppola is an American director, producer, screenwriter and a former actress. She is the daughter of director/producer/screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola, of The Godfather fame, born on May 14, 1971. She made her film debut as an infant in the same movie. She later essayed the role of Mary Corleon, in The Godfather - Part III, which received negative critical reviews and thus ended her acting career. This was in 1990, after which she turned her attention to film making.
She debuted in film making with The Virgin Suicides. Later on, in 2003, she received the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Lost in Translation. She went on to become the third woman to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director.
She is also known by her other name Domino Coppola.

Sofia Coppola Religion

Sofia Coppola was born into Hollywood royalty. The youngest and only daughter of Eleanor Coppola and Francis Coppola, who were of Italian descent. Coppola's heritage was fully Italian and raised in a Catholic way. But definite confirmation is not available as her father isn't Catholic anymore. 

Sofia Coppola Political Views

Sofia Coppola has kept her political views out of limelight, whenever possible. Seems like she doesn't want something as personal as that out for public reviews or criticisms. Her father was a staunch Democrat but we are left with a vague idea of the political preferences of his daughter.  Though her interests in white female's stories has lead some of accusing her of being politically ignorant, in her films at least.

Who is he/she dating?

Sometime in early 1990s, Coppola met director Spike Jonze. They got married within a few years but got divorced in 2003. Then she married musician Thomas Mars, in 2011. They met on the sets of The Virgin Suicides and soon fell in love. Together, they have 2 daughters. The couple is currently staying in New York after spending a major part of their life in Paris.

Sofia Coppola Hobbies

Apart from film making and screen writing, she seems to have an inclination towards appearing in music videos. Sofia Coppola leads such a busy life that pursuing her personal hobbies seem far fetched. 

Interesting Facts

Sofia Coppola and her former husband Spike Jonze, both were nominated for the Oscars, for Best Director. They were the first married couple to be nominated for the same.
After winning her 2004 Best Screenwriting Oscar, her family is the second family to win Oscars in three generations, which includes her father, her grandfather and her cousin.
She is the winner of Academy Award and a Razzie, a rare combination.
She got a bag named after her : Sofia Bag, by designer Marc Jacobs.
When she was nominated for Oscars as Best Director, she was just 32. The youngest woman ever for the nomination.
She was a member of the official competition jury at the 67th Cannes International Film Festival.