Wednesday 6 January 2021

P.J. Fleck Divorce

Philip John Fleck Jr., also called as P.J Fleck, is the American Football coach, is currently living a happy life along with his wife and five children. The former player of San Francisco 49ers, who has made a number of achievements both as a professional player and a football coach, was previously married to another woman, whose much details are not available, as the couple were leading a less publicly open life at that time. 

The Western Michigan football coach is popular with his mantra, ‘Row Your Boat’, which he developed after the death of one of his children, and mantra is believed to be motivating as it helped in the victory of his team in several competitions. He was initially married to Tracie, who happened to be very much less popular in comparison to his present wife, Heather Fleck. Fleck along with his former wife Tracie welcomed their first child Colt into the world some years ago, but the baby did not had a long life. He died soon after the birth in his father’s arms. Reports says that he had a major heart problem, which triggered ending his life soon after his birth. 

Fleck was in great shock after his son’s death, but he realized that he should discover from the grief, and thereby derived a mantra for his life, ‘Row your Boat’. He stated that the belief in one’s life about the things going on can change so many things, and the perspective of one towards the bad things happening is important. The perspective should be that which enables one to think what should be done next. It is based on this that he made the mantra ‘Row your Boat’. Even though Fleck faced a number of adversities in his life, it is his strong belief in himself that saved him. He got divorced from his first wife Tracie, some years after the death of their son Colt, and Fleck become a single father of three in his early 30s. 

He brought his life back after meeting Heather Jackson, who also happened to be divorced and a mother of a boy. Unlike Fleck’s first wife Tracie, Heather always is active among group members, and she always supports he husband no matter what. The couple has currently five children, including one from Heather’s first marriage, who is in shared custody, from his father and mother. Stepson Gavin Jackson, sons Carter Jackson, aka C.J, and Colt, and daughters Paisley Jane, aka P.J, and Harper is the family of P.J Fleck, and Heather Jackson. 

Real reasons behind the divorce of Fleck and Tracie is kind of unknown, as Fleck has never mentioned about his life with former wife, or about his children. It seems like the couple had small fights in between them, and the death of their child might have anticipated the problems between them. It was on 11th February 2016 that Fleck and Heather got married, in the presence of their loved ones including their children and parents.