Monday 21 September 2020

Anna Stanley

Anna Johnson Stanley, wife of famous Pastor Dr. Charles Stanley and mother of Pastor Andy Stanley and Becky Stanley, was born on 9th November 1931, at North Carolina, U.S. She studied in the Richmond Professional Institute, and later become a teacher at the George Mueller Christian School in Florida. She had exceptional talent in theology and music. 

She remained as a great support for the activities of her husband, Dr. Charles Stanley, who is a Pastor. Later in 1993, she wanted divorce from her husband, which resulted in a lot of controversies in the church and the ministry. She attended in charity works of the convention even after her divorce in 2000. Anna Stanley died on 10th November 2014. 

Anna Stanley Religion

As she followed and supported her husband’s faith and charity works for majority of her life, it can be assumed that she is Christian by religion, and believes in the same. Also, she was a regular visitor in church and regularly followed the customs and rituals of her religion. 

Anna Stanley Political Views

Anna Stanley’s husband, Dr. Charles Stanley had clear concepts and opinions about the current political situations of the United States of America. Her life was kind of contradicting to that. Although she had her presence in almost all the functions that her husband attended, she never expressed her thoughts about her political views. 

It is fair to assume that Stanley is not the kind of person who likes to discuss her opinions out in the public. 

Who is she dating?

Anna Stanley got married to Charles Stanley in the year 1958. The couple has two kids, Andy Stanley and Becky Stanley. Andy Stanley is a famous Pastor. Stanley, ended her 44 years of marriage life with her husband in 1992, and filed for a divorce in the year 1993. Due to several disputes related to their divorce and the Southern Baptist Convention, she withdrawed her petition of divorce, but later filed the same in 2000, which got finalised in the same year. Read more about the Charles Stanley divorce case

The only statement that she made regarding the divorce was that, “Long ago… Charles, in effect, abandoned our marriage. He chose his priorities, and I have not been one of them.”

Anna Stanley Hobbies

As it is known that she had exceptional talent in the field of music, it is evident that her hobbies include listening to music. It is not known if she had a composer in her, and chances are there that she has written songs too. She had a likeness in creative writing also, which she developed during her college years. 

Similar to her husband, she also loved reading. She likes collecting classic books and works of great authors. She always had time for prayers, as it was a regular practise in her family. 

Interesting Facts

    • Anna Stanley’s daughter-in-law, Sandra Stanley, once stated that it was Anna that helped her in being a Pastor’s wife. She helped Sandra to understand that everything that is going in the church is not the concern of a Pastor’s wife.