Friday 28 December 2018

Amy Poehler Divorce

Amy Poehler Divorce
The comedy queen Amy Poehler had a relationship that seemed perfect in every sense, but it turned out to be make-believe. Amy was married to famous Canadian Comedian Will Arnett and together they were one of Hollywood's most popular and admired couples—the one fans would always look forward to seeing on the red carpet. But a lot of that happiness was maybe ultimately have been surface-level, as they went for a sudden and shocking separation in 2012.

The comedy couple got married on 29 August 2003 and together had two children named Abel Arnett and Archie Arnett. Unfortunately the perfect relationship crumbled down and the couple got separated in 2012. The news was the most shocking one of its time as the couple seemed to going strong for so long. Arnett filed for the divorce citing irreconcilable differences and the couple got divorced in 2016, four years after being seperated. The comedic pair, who parted ways amicably, lost their spark and the happiness was drained out of their relationship, a source said.

Amy also released a new memoir, Yes Please, in which she delves into what life has been like since her split with will. "When you are a person going through a divorce, you feel incredibly alone, yet you are constantly reminded by society of how frequently divorce happens and how common it has become," the 47-year-old comedian writes. "You aren't allowed to feel special, but no one knows the specific ways you are in pain.” Poehler adds: "Imagine spreading everything you care about on a blanket and then tossing the whole thing up in the air. The process of divorce is about loading that blanket, throwing it up, watching it all spin, and worrying what stuff will break when it lands.”

Although divorce is not something that Amy likes to talk about that much, she is proud of her amicable relation with her ex husband Will. She said in the same memoir that "I am proud of how my ex-husband Will and I have been taking care of our children," she writes. "I am beyond grateful he is their father, and I don't think a ten-year marriage constitutes failure. That being said, getting a divorce really sucks.”

About Amy Poehler
Amy Meredith Poehler is an American actress, comedian, director, producer, and writer.

She is best known for starring as Leslie Knope in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, for which she won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Musical or Comedy Series in 2014 and a Critics' Choice Award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series in 2012.

Poehler was a cast member on the famous NBC television series Saturday Night Live from 2001 to 2008.