Wednesday 19 July 2017


Tony Curtis whose birth name was Bernard Herschel  Schwartz was an American film actor born on June 3rd 1925 to Helen and Emanuel Schwartz in New York city USA. they were jewish immigrants from Hungary . He passed away on September 29 2010 in Nevada USA due to cardiopulmonary arrest. He was mostly popular in 1950's and 1960's, He never had a formal education, and later went to Seward park high school. He enlisted in the US navy after the pearl harbour attack and joined the pacific submarine force.After being released from the navy he joined the city college of New York,and later joined The New school in Greenwich village.

He came to Hollywood in 1948 where he changed his name from Bernard Herschel Schwartz to Tony Curtis at the age of 23 when he was placed under the contract universal pictures.some of his works are Houdini , sweet smell of success. He was also nominated for Oscar for The Defiant Ones in the best actor category. Some of the other movies he worked  in where  Some like it hot, Operation petticoat , The Boston strangler.

Tony Curtis Religion

He was a jew by birth, But nothing has been said about his religious views. He was never open about his religious views and had not made a statement on the same. hence it can be said that he might have followed jewish religion and its views.

Tony curtis Political Views

He was known to be a democrat lifelong. He supported the democrats with all his heart and even attended Democratic national convention in the 1960 along with some very famous liberal performers  as Edward G Robinson , Shelly Winters , Ralph Belamy and Lee Marvin .

Who is he/she dating?

He was married six times, the first wife being actress Janet Leigh, they got married in in 1951 and it went on till 1962, then Christine Kauffman from 1962 to 1968 who was an 18 year. old German co star. he was also married to Leslie Allen 1968 to 1982, Andrea Savio 1984 to 1992, Lisa Deutsch 1993 to1994. and the last one was Jill Vandenberg 1998 to 2010 , she was 45 years younger to him.

Tony Curtis Hobbies

Nothing much is known about his hobbies but he was philanthropist. In 1990 he financed the rebuilding of the Great Synagogue in Budapest which was damaged during world war 2. So it can be said that maybe his hobby was to help promote the welfare of others.

Interesting Facts

He was animated in an episode of The Flintstones and voiced his character of stony Curtis. he was also put in an orphanage along with one of his brother as his parents couldn't afford to feed him, and then again taken back into custody by his parents after a month. A  street has been named after him in the sun city anthem development Henderson Nevada.