Sunday 9 July 2017

Theo Rossi

Theo Rossi with birthname as John Theodore Rossi is an American actor and producer.He was born on June 4,1975 in Staten Island,New York City,New York,USA.He's been active in the industry since 2001.Theo Rossi is well known for the roles he played in the FX series Sons of Anarchy and in Luke Cage.He has a sister named Christie Tomasino.Theo Rossi made his TV debut in 2001 by playing a role in Boston Public.

Theo Rossi also had a very good theatre experience.He did his studies in Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York.Some of the films in which Theo Rossi was involved are The Myersons,Buds for Life,Kill Theory,The Informers etc.Some of the TV shows in which he appeared are Boston Public, NYPD Blue:American Dreams, Veronica Mars;House of the Dead,Sons of Anarchy etc

Theo Rossi Religion

Though he grew up in a catholic religious environment,he didn't make any statements regarding that.In his quote he stated that"My religion is very simple.My religion is kindness",by which one can assume that he likes to be a spiritual person rather than a religious one.

Theo Rossi Political Views

Theo Rossi seems to be a supporter of Democrats and thus he is likely to have ideologies and philosophies same as them.He believes in the programs run by the Government and like to have equality between all humans. 

Who is he/she dating?

Theo Rossi currently seems to be enjoying his parenthood.He was married to Meghan McDermott in Novemeber 17,2014.They have a child named Kane Alexandr Rossi who was born on June 8,2015.

Theo Rossi Hobbies

Theo Rossi loves to spend time in his home rather than travelling.From his Childhood he was in love with biking.He also loves dogs.He is an Philanthropist.Apart from this he gets involved in Charity works and helps to raise money for the wounded American soldiers.

Interesting Facts

Theo Rossi,on May 9,2017 said that his family is expecting the arrival of another baby child soon.He is also involved in the film Ghosts of war which seems to be in Post production stage now.He used to travel regularly to different U.S military bases to extend his support to the soldiers.

Theo Rossi along with his friends founded a program, "Staten Strong" by which he helped in rebuilding three homes of Hurricane sandy victims.Rossi was an ambassador for the Boot Campaign. Theo Rossi  is a supporter of "The Humane Society of the United states".His favorite food is Almond butter and Sweet iced tea.