Wednesday 5 July 2017

Samantha Morton

Samantha Morton is an English actress, screen writer and director who was born on 13th may, 1977 at Nottingham, England, UK. Her parents Peter and Pamela Morton got divorced when she was just 3 years old and got new spouses. She has eight brothers and sisters. Till the age of 8 she was with her father who was alcoholic abusive and her mother was in violent relationship with her second husband so as per court order she didn't live with any of the parents. She was raised in foster home. She is the finest actress of her generation, winning Oscar nomination for Sweet and Lowdown(1999) and In America(2002). She got critical appraisal in Minority Report(2002), John Carter(2012) and Cosmopolis(2012). 

Samantha Morton Religion

Samantha has quoted"My foster mother died and I did not have a relationship with my real parents. I know who they are. It's not upsetting; it's just the way it is. You cannot change things. My childhood isn't like an albatross around my neck".Her childhood was quite disturbing for her and she didn't get any thing from her parents in inheritance. So she seems to be non religious. But she is not Atheist.

Samantha Morton Political Views

She is having interest in politics but didn't put a step forward in the field. She has quoted "There are days when I thank my lucky stars that I'm OK and that I'm sane, and wonder how I ended up doing this job. Then there are days when I think, is this the right job for me still? Shouldn't I be doing something in social care or politics?" She is interested in charity work and we guess that she is making her way to politics. We hope if she comes into politics then she will definitely make some refinement

Who is she dating?

Samantha was dating with actor Charlie Creed-Miles for one year in 1999. The coupled got a daughter in 2000. Afterwards she started dating Ion Holm's son and filmmaker Harry Holm but they didn't marry. The couple is having a daughter and a son. The family lives in Derbyshire, England, UK. There are some rumors that couple had engagement in 2006. 

Samantha Morton Hobbies

Samantha is a visionary actress who has got fame and respect for her acting. She is always seen as most refined actress of her generation but she has not disclosed about her interest and hobbies to public. She keeps her personal life a secret. We hope she enjoys her acting so much that she doesn't get time for any other hobby.

Interesting Facts

She is dropped out of school at 13.
Samantha had a serious drug problem from age 14 onward.
She was replaced by Angelina Jolly in Girl,Interrupted(1999) as she dropped out of the movie.
Samantha was replaced by Kate Winslet  in Iris(2001) as she dropped out of the movie.
She was replaced by Jenifer Ehle in Pride and Glory(2008) as she dropped out of the movie.