Wednesday 5 July 2017

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman is an English actor, Producer, Author and was born in New Cross,London on 21 March 1958. Growing up in south London he supported his local football team and also followed Manchester United. He is well known for his work in films like True Romance, The Fifth Element, Air Force One for which he earned many screen awards. He is the son of Leonard Bertram Oldman who was a former sailor. He was a member of the Royal Shakespeare company, with credits including The Massacre at Paris, Entertaining Mr Sloane, Saved etc.

Gary Oldman Religion

He is non religious, but spiritual. From his tweets and interviews it can be confirmed that he is spiritual, as he said “I wouldn’t call myself religious, but I would say that I was spiritual… I’m sure there was an energy and power that came off [of Jesus]. I’m not sure if he could change water into wine or that he could walk on water… but I do believe that a great man, a powerful man, was called Jesus and he walked the Earth.”

Gary Oldman Political Views

Although he is very private and keep his views to himself, he once said “I’m still a member of the Empire! Although I sometimes feel like an American with a British accent – you get contaminated after so long.” When his film contender was released he felt it was edited to favor some sort of democrat and liberal agendas.

Who is he dating?

Oldman has been married four times. He was first married with Lesley Manville but left her after two years of their marriage and three months after their son was born. Second, he married  American actress Uma Thurman whom he meet during his film State of Grace but they eventually separated. Then he get into relationship with Italian actress and model Isabella Rossellini, they were rumoured to be engaged but separated after two years. Then after he got married to Donya Fiorentino and had two sons with her. He married with an English singer Alexandra Edenborough in 2008 and filed divorce in 2015.

Gary Oldman Hobbies

He has a very keen interest in music from a very early age. Once in a interview he said that he would rather be a musician then an actor. He sang several tracks and performed alongside.
One of his hobby includes writing, where he published EMILY and one of the best seller book "Blood Riders" a vampire book series.

Interesting Facts

He also tried his hand in writing and directing for Nil By Mouth.

His film Nil By Mouth is based upon his own life growing up in London.

He is a great follower of George Best, a football player.

He has been charged with drunk driving once.