Monday 10 July 2017

Emily Mortimer

Emily Mortimer is an English actress and scriptwriter, born on December 1, 1971. She is popularly known for her performance in Shutter Island (2010). She is also known for her roles in Match Point (2005), Chaos Theory (2008) and the HBO series The Newsroom. in 2003, she won an award for her performance in Lovely and Amazing. She was born in London, England to a lawyer-writer, Sir John Mortimer and his second wife, Penelope.

Emily Mortimer Religion

Emily Mortimer is a self-proclaimed atheist and she's not shy to show it. Being a literature student, she has been exposed to all sorts of religious works but still remains a non-believer. She once stated that sitting through a theatrical performance and introspecting is one of those near-religious experiences and she also claimed that that's as close as it gets!

Emily Mortimer Political Views

Though Mortimer is known for making bold statements and has the reputation of a strong, independent actress who could give you a run for your money if you mess with her, she is not one to comment on political situations. She is a fighter for the oppressed and has spoken for the betterment of the refugee situation in the middle east and in the U.S.A.

Who is she dating?

Mortimer met future husband, Alessandro Nivolo, her co-star from the film Love's Labour's Lost in 2000. They got married in 2003 at a the Turville village in Buckinghamshire and now have two children. 

Emily Mortimer Hobbies

Emily Mortimer considers herself a writer before an actress. She loves writing columns for newspapers as well as playing small roles in developing scripts for movies and television series productions. Since she studied English and Russian in Lincoln College, it does not come as a surprise that she enjoys her writing stints. She is also co-writing the script for an upcoming comedy television series. 

Interesting Facts

Before becoming an actress, Emily wrote a column for the Daily Telegraph.

She was three months pregnant with her daughter while filming for Shutter Island (2010).

Her alma maters include the prestigious St Paul's Girls School, London, Oxford University's Lincoln College and Moscow Arts Theatre School.