Tuesday 11 July 2017

Max Thieriot

Maximillion Drake Thieriot, more often known as Max, was born on October 14, 1988 in Los Altos Hills, California. He is an American actor who made his debut in Catch That Kid, a comedy movie from 2004. He has also made appearances in Pacifier (2005), Nancy Drew (2007), Jumper (2008), My Soul to Take (2010) , psychological thriller House at the End of the Street (2012) and Point Break (2015). He has also made his mark in the television show industry through A&E's drama thriller series Bates Motel and the History Channel's Texas Rising. 

Max Thieriot Religion

Thieriot has Dutch-Jewish lineage and this suggests that he may have had a Jewish upbringing. However whether or not he is a believer is yet to be clear as he has not given any clear indications of practising tradition or having religious beliefs. He also has German, English, Irish, French and Danish ancestry which leads to a lot of speculation on what religion Thieriot has actually chosen or whether he may be religious at all.

Max Thieriot Political Views

Max Thieriot has his acting and his wine going for him, so why bother with politics? This might be what's going through Thieriot's mind or he could be one for shying away from the drama of politics. He is an avid animal lover and fights for animal rights through all his social media posts. Other than that Max has kept his political stance to himself and probably will prefer to do so for a long time into the future. 

Who is he dating?

Max Thieriot got married to his girlfriend of eight years, Lexi Murphy in 2013. He made a proposal of marriage during the couple's trip to the Caribbean where they first met as teenagers. The wedding was held in Arizona and the couple now have a 2 year old son named Beaux Thieriot. 

Max Thieriot Hobbies

Max is also a vintner in his leisure time. He loves his wines and even co-owns a vineyard with his childhood friends, Christopher Strieter and Miles Lawrence-Briggs, in his hometown of Occidental. They together produce and distribute a wine under the label 'Senses'. Thieriot also enjoys racing his cars and spending time with his family.

Interesting Facts

Thieriots ancestors once owned the San Francisco Chronicle, which his great-great grandfather co-founded with his brother. 

Thieriot is fond of animals and own 19 pets. I guess 'fond' is an understatement.

He did all of his own singing in the movie The Pacifier (2005).