Wednesday 5 July 2017

Gustaf Skarsgard

Born on 12 Novermber, 1980, Gustaf is a Swedish Actor. He is quite famous in his home country. Outside Sweden, he is famous for portraying the role of Floki in TV series Vikings which is broadcasted on History Channel. He is also famous for the movie Evil, The Way Back and Kon-Tiki. He has been an actor by profession has his father is also an actor, Stellan Skarsgard. He is the Godson of famous Swedish actor Peter Stormare. He has also displayed his talent on TV.

Gustaf Skarsgard Religion

Gustaf was born in an atheist home. He has often said that he grew up in a secluded society. The fact that he is an atheist is because his parents were atheist too. A liberal Swede, he values ethics and good manners. He has strong Swedish roots and hence he is quite liberal. Gustaf hasn’t called himself atheist but can be called one.

Gustaf Skarsgard Political Views-

By American standards, Gustaf can be called Socially Liberal. He values manners and ethics. As a person with strong Swedish roots, he hasn’t made any political statements that would indicate that he has favored with a particular party. A typical Swede, he made no comments on the election of Donald Trump as the President of America. Being socially liberal, he never also made a comment about the politics of Sweden and thus cannot be given a political orientation.

Who is Gustaf Skarsgard dating?

The Swedish actor is a divorced man. He got married in 1999 to Hanna Alstrom. After 6 years, the couple decided to call it quits. The divorce was finalized on 2005. Gustaf usually lives in Sweden and hence the American press usually never associates him with any rumors. He hasn’t dated anyone since his divorce to his wife. He hasn’t been seen with any of his co-actresses.

Gustaf Skarsgard Hobbies

Gustaf started his acting career by doing plays. He still likes performing in plays as he feels that the real emotions of a person come out on the stage and not in the camera.

Interesting Facts

Gustaf belongs to one of the most famous Swedish families. He likes Ireland as most of the Vikings is shot there. He has said that it was a pleasure to work during the weeks and party during the weekends (referring to his schedule in Vikings). Daniel Day Lewis, the Academy Award Winner called him ‘truly one of the great’. He was also addicted to alcohol but now has fought his addiction to the liquid. His elder brother Alex, was constantly elected the Sexiest Man in Sweden for many years.