Wednesday 5 July 2017

Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston is an English actor, born on February 16, 1964. He is widely recognized for his role as the Ninth Doctor in the popularly loved Doctor Who series as well as for portraying his role as Matt Jamison in the HBO series, The Leftovers. He has also appeared on theatre stages and in Hollywood movies like Gone in 60 seconds, The Others and 28 Days Later. He has also played guest appearances in a number of British TV shows. Eccleston was trained at the Central School for Speech and Drama before he pursued his acting career.

Christopher Eccleston Religion

Christopher Eccleston had initially called himself an atheist but after a recent interview, suggested that his views towards religious beliefs and faith were changing. He stated that he now considers himself agnostic. His father was Catholic and his mother was from the Church of England, but this did not affect his stand on faith or religion.

Christopher Eccleston Political Views

Though Eccleston is not very public on his political views, it appears that his father was a supporter of the Labour party. It seems this upbringing has had a profound effect on Eccleston's stand on fighting for acting equality and always considering the viewpoint of the working class people, being from such a family himself.

Who is he dating?

Eccleston married Mischka in 2011 and had their first child, Albert, in February 2012 and their second child Esme in 2013. The couple divorced in 2015. Currently, Eccleston is said to be single. 

Christopher Eccleston Hobbies

Eccleston is a die-hard fan of the English football team, Manchester United and enjoys following football games. Eccleston is also an athlete and was a regular marathon runner till the year 2000. Eccleston is an enthusiastic charity worker, being part of the British Red Cross as well as taking position as the Charity Ambassador at the Mencap charity foundation. He is also public in his support for medical research in Alzheimers and Dementia after his father passed away from vascular dementia in 2012.

Interesting Facts

There is a 260-seat auditorium in his hometown, Salford's Pendleton College named after Eccleston.

During his initial years as an underemployed actor, Eccleston took up a variety of odd jobs at supermarkets, building sites and even as an artist's model.

Eccleston was inspired into an acting career after watching the British drama series Boys from the Blackstuff, at the age of 19.