Saturday 8 July 2017

Eréndira Ibarra

Eréndira Ibarra is a Mexican actress.She was born on September 25,1985 in Mexico city,Mexico.Her father Epigmenio Ibarra is a producer.Some of the films in which was involved with are Capadocia,Las Aparicio, El Diez, El Octavo Mandamiento, Infames, Sense 8, Camelia la Texana, La vida inmoral de pareja ideal, Ingobernable and Bienvenida Realidad.

Eréndira Ibarra had a very happy childhood in San Jose,Mexico where she was happy with the mother nature. She was a fourth generation graduate from Mexico's famous acting school.

Eréndira Ibarra Religion

Regarding her religious faith,there's not much information.But if you go by the Mexico religious proportion, it can be assumed that she might be following Catholic Christian practices and have belief and faith as a Catholic.

Eréndira Ibarra Political Views

It seems that Eréndira Ibarra neither get involved into any political affairs nor issued any public statements in support of any political party and thus it may be assumed that she is not having any particular political views and like to remain neutral.

Who is he/she dating?

Eréndira Ibarra is married to a Venezuelan model Fredd Londono in 2010 and since then the couples are enjoying the marriage life.The couple is blessed with a son in 2017.

Eréndira Ibarra Hobbies

Eréndira Ibarra hobbies are little known.With Martial arts trainer as her husband and from her own words in a interview stating that "I started to like exercise through Crossfit" it is assumed that she might be concentrating in enhancing her fitness level in her leisure time.

Interesting Facts

Eréndira Ibarra nickname in her schooling days was 'earthquake girl' as she was hyper active.She was also called by another nickname "tree girl" as she was very much fond of climbing the trees.

She is bisexual and her height is 170cm.