Monday 10 July 2017

Cary Grant

Cary Grant with birth name as Archibald Alexander Leach was a famous British-American actor.He was born on January 1,1904 in Bristol and died on Nov 29,1986.He started acting in the theater shows at a very younger age and toured throughout the country as a Stage Performer before settling in USA.In 1930's he began his career in Hollywood.He was famous for his comic sense.

His father was a alcoholic and he had a troubled Childhood.During his younger age his mother was admitted in a Mental Institution by his father and he hid that fact from him which he confessed only at his last breath.Later at the age of 31,he brought back her from the mental institution.Some of the films in which he was involved are Father Goose,Charade,North by Northwest,Houseboat,Indiscreet, Dream wife etc.

Cary Grant Religion

Though Cary Grant consider himself as partly Jewish,he used to wear a gold chain which he said is representing the religions of his three former wives.It seemed that he was not interested in making any public statements regarding any religious faith.In one of his statement he stated that "I'm opposed to actors taking sides in public and spouting spontaneously about love,religion or politics.

Cary Grant Political Views

Cary Grant is not well known for making any public statements regarding his views about political parties.So one can assume that Grant might be a non-political person or someone who didn't want to express his political views in public.

Who is he/she dating?

In his lifetime Cary Grant married five times.Barbara Harris was his last spouse and they were together till his last breath.Prior to that he was married and divorced four times.Virginia Cherill, Barbar Hutton,Betsy Drake and Dyan Cannon were his previous wives.

Cary Grant Hobbies

Grant's leisure time activities are not much known.He was a Baseball fan.In his later stages he invested heavily in real estate business and became more active in developing the business and thus one can assume that he might be involved in activities related to that.

Interesting Facts

Grant learned song,dance and piano lessons from his mother.Grant had an elder brother who died at a younger age from Tuberculosis meningitis which made his mother feel guilty and she seemed not to recover from that loss.

Grant in his career had won some awards which includes Honorary Academy Award,Golden Apple Award for the Most Co-operative Actor,Golden Laurel Award for Top Male Star and also for Top Male Comedy performance.He was also nominated for the Best Actor at Oscar Awards in 1945.