Friday 14 July 2017

Carol Kane

Carolyn Laurie Kane was born on the 18th of June 1952. She is an American stage, screen and television actress and comedian well known for her work in films like Wedding in White 1972, The Last Detail 1973, We, the Woman 1974, Harry and Walter Go to New York 1976, Annie Hall 1977, When a Stranger Calls 1979, Pandemonium 1982, The Secret Diary of Sigmund Freud 1984, The Princess Bride 1987, License to Drive 1988, Big Bully 1996, Gone Fishin' 1997, Jawbreaker 1999 and Love in the Time of Money 2002. She was also seen in television series like Visions, Taxi, All is Forgiven, American Dreamer, Brooklyn Bridge, Pearl, Beggars and Choosers and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Carol Kane Religion

Kane has not spoken about the religion or faith that she follows. She comes from a Jewish family but whether or not she believes in god and follows Judaism is not known. Its safe to assume that the actress is not religious.

Carol Kane Political Views

Kane hasn't spoken much about her political views in the news or on her social media profiles. Its unknown if she supports any charities or causes. She has not made any comments on any political topics in the country and so its safe to say that she is non-political.

Who is he/she dating?

According to the tabloids, Kane has dated Woody Harrelson for sometime from the year 1986 but is currently single. There is not much about the actress's personal life on the news or any other social media websites.

Carol Kane Hobbies

Kane's hobbies have not been specified on any social media websites but its easy to assume that she likes to watch theatre in her free time. 

Interesting Facts

She lived in Paris for a year and learned to speak French fluently.

She studied Yiddish ignorer to land the role in the drama series Hester Street.