Thursday 13 July 2017

Asia Kate Dillon

This stunning Amercian actress is best known for her character role of Brandy Epps in the Television series Orange is the New Black. Also, her role as Taylor Mason in Billions is highly appreciated. Other than these she has appeared in other television series such as We're all Gonna Die, Master of None, Opus For All, Younger, Hitting The Wall, and My Popcorn Nights. Her character in Billions is of a hedge fund intern and is the first non-binary character played in any North American Television show. MTV recently presented her with the first Non-Gender specific award.

Asia Kate Dillon  Religion

Born in Ithaca, New York she was assigned as a female while birth. Most of her family life, ancestry, and background is unreported. It might be assumed that she is probably a Christian.

Asia Kate Dillon Political Views

An actor of recent fame and commendation, Dillon's public views are mostly about the gender bias or non-gender talks and not politics by any trace. Nevertheless, she supports the Black Lives Matter movement in the US.

Who is he/she dating?

Although her dating history and present is not open and clear, Asia identifies herself as a pansexual, which is said to be identified to different genders.

Asia Kate Dillon Hobbies

Kate Dillon has graduated from American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Her batch enrolled and completed the Meisner Training Programme at a workshop. 

Interesting Facts

Asia believes that acting should celebrate human portrayals and not be judged according to the gender.

When asked what gender she would like to be categorized in the Academy Awards, she is said to have chosen "actor" as it sounds more non-gendered, and it's a gender neutral world. 

She identifies sex as different from identity.

Asia playes a white supremacist in the series Orange is the New Black.

Dillon is the founder and producing director of MIRROR/FIRE productions.