Thursday 20 July 2017

Meg Tilly

Margaret Elizabeth Chan, popularly known as Meg Tilly was born on February 14, 1960 is one of Patricia and Harry’s 4 children. Her mother was a teacher, and former stage actress, her father was a car salesman, her elder sister Jennifer Telly is an actress, younger sister Becky is an post-impressionist painter and brother Steve Tilly is an actor. Meg is an actress and Novelist and hails from California, USA. She wanted to be a dancer but had to cut shot her plan due to a back injury. This injury led her to acting and she came to Los Angeles. Her first appearance was in Fame (1980) as a dancer. She won the Golden Globe Award for supporting actress for her 1985 film Agnes of God. Her other well known works include Psycho II (1983), The Big Chill (1983), Masquerade (1988), and Valmont (1989). For her role in the television series Bomb Girls.
Telly entered the word of Writing in 1994 with her first novel Singing Songs which was published by Dutton. Six of her novels are published.

Meg Tilly Religion

Religious beliefs of Meg haven’t been spoken about much and no sources are available regarding her religion.

Meg Tilly Political Views

Busy in her own world of novels and acting, politics doesn’t seem to be a part of Meg’s life as just like her religious beliefs Meg hasn’t revealed anything about  political views.

Who is he/she dating?

Meg Tilly has had 4 relationship, her first husband was Tim Zinnemann, an American film producer and son of film director Fred Zinnemann. Their marriage lasted for almost 6 years from 1983 to 1989 and they have two children from their marriage Emily (1984) and David (1986). Meg was then in relationship with Colin Firth, British actor whom she met during the filming of Valmont for 5-year that ended in 1994, she has her third son William "Will" (1990) from Colin Firth. John Calley, her second husband is an American film studio executive and producer and 30 years Senior to her. They divorced in 2002.
Currently she is married to author Don Calame, who writes fiction for adolescents.

Meg Tilly Hobbies

In many of her interviews Meg has stated that few of her many hobbies include dancing, writing and acting and its great to see how she has managed to turn all her hobbies in her profession.

Interesting Facts

Meg spoke to the media about the history of childhood sexual abuse in the family recently though her older sister Jennifer Tilly remained silent about it her younger sister Becky has corroborated Meg’s revelations.
Meg left the field of acting after her 1995 movie Journey in order to focus on her family and her writings.