Thursday 20 July 2017

Dave Bautista

The 130 kgs, 6 ft 6 inches David Michael Bautista Jr very well known in the ring as Deacon Batista was born on the 18th of January 1969 to Donna Raye and David Michael Bautista in Washington DC. David popularly known as Dave is an actor, professional wrestler, mixed martial artist, and bodybuilder. Batista's televised wrestling career started in May 2002 on an episode of Smackdown. He den did his WWE in ring debut with tag team match teaming with D'Von against Faarooq and Randy Ortonpinning Orton. Dave tasted his first loss against Rishiki and this loss led to argument between Dave and D'von which ended with the defeat of D'von in the 11th November episode of smackdown.
After a very successful career in Wrestling, Dave moved to Mixed Martial arts where he was known as Brass Body. Dave is a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under the tutelage of Cesar Gracie.

Dave Bautista Religion

The wrestler turned actor seems to be a believer in God and follow Christianity as his religion. He hasn’t seen or heard speaking about religion very often. He just says multiracial, though follows Christian religion.

Dave Bautista Political Views

When it comes to politics the Big Dave happens to be a Registered Democrat and his recent tweets show that he is not a very big fan of Trump.

Who is he/she dating?

Dave is seen to be in multiple relationship and has 2 daughters with his first wife Glenda. One of his 2 sons Keilani is already a mother of 2 sons making Dave a grandfather. After divorce with Glenda, he walked down the aisle with his second wife Angie. In his autobiography Dave mentioned that his affair with the WWE Diva Melina Perez was the reason for his separation with his second wife Angie. He is also said to be having a linkup with Rosa Mendes & Kelly Kelly whi again belong to the WWE fraternity.

Dave Bautista Hobbies

Other than wrestling and martial arts which remains close to his heart. Dave has a stranger hobby of collecting Steel Lunch Boxes.

Interesting Facts

During his early years, he worked as a lifeguard & then got enrolled into bodybuilding.

Dave has quite a few tattoos on his body.
Dave’s last name Bautista means "Baptist".

Dave had tried out at the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) Power Plant, but was told he would never make it in the wrestling business by Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker.