Wednesday 14 June 2017

Patty Jenkins

Patricia Lea Jenkins was born on July 24th, 1971. She is an American film director and screenwriter. She is best known for directing 2003 movie Monster and 2017 movie Wonder Woman. Her other works are directing 2011 - 2012 TV Series The Killing and TV series Arrested Development. Her father William T. Jenkins was an Air Force captain and fighter pilot and he earned a Silver Star in Vietnam War. Her mother, on the other hand, has followed a somewhat contradictory path, she is an environmental scientist who worked in San Francisco.

Patty Jenkins Religion

Patty hasn't revealed what her religion of faith is in any of her personal quotes. She does not have any official outlets on the Internet, which doesn't help either. Her ancestry is also not well known nor that of her parents. If we were to take a guess, it'd be that she is a Christian but we cannot shoot any guesses about whether she practises it or not. 

Patty Jenkins Political Views

She hasn't affiliated with any party as such and hasn't made any political statements so far. She has, though, been part of activist work which could help us in determining what her views really are. She attended the event of Wonder Woman being made Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls by the United Nations on its 75th anniversary. It was done to promote sex equality and empowerment of women and girls. 

Who is she dating?

We do not have any idea about what her dating life has been like because there's very little information about her. She married author Sam Sheridan in 2007 and have been married since. They have a son together. Sam is famous for writing books A Fighter's Heart, The Fighter's Mind and The Disaster Diaries. All of his books have got quite good reviews. 

Patty Jenkins Hobbies

She studied painting and did her undergraduate from The Cooper Union in NYC. She also likes photography and listening to music which she says is her real love. She says that music is what compelled her to become a filmmaker. So far we can say that she probably likes to do photography, painting and listening to music in her free time.

Interesting Facts 

She has lived in 15 different countries before she was six and four different US states before she went to college. 

She was born in George Air Force Base, Victorville, California. 

Her 2003 crime drama film was based on serial killer Aileen Wuornos who was a prostitute and was executed in Florida for killing six men in the late 1980s and early 1990s. 

She was hired to direct the sequel to Thor but left the project after less than two months over creative differences.