Thursday 29 June 2017

Maria Bello

Maria Bello is a gorgeous American actress and writer. Her big break was to be cast in the spy show Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 1996. Having honed skills at New York theater production, she moved to this enterntainment industry. Some of her major movies are Permanent Midnight, Coyote Ugly, The Cooler, A History of Violence, Lights Out, Max Steel, Bravetown, The 5th Wave and In Search of Fellini. Her two prime television shows are Goliath and The Walking Dead. An actress of outstanding record of awards, she has won Screen Actor's Guild Award, Blockbuster Entertainment Award, New York Film Critics Circle Award, National Board of Review Award and more. 

Maria Bello  Religion

Bello was born in Pennsylvania. Her mother was a school nurse and teacher, and father a contractor. She is a Roman Catholic and graduated from Archbishop John Caroll High School. 

Maria Bello Political Views

Maria is considered to extremely benevolent given her humanitarian efforts. She founded an association WE ADVANCE in collaboration with Aleda Frishman, Alison Thomson, and Barbara Guillaume in the wake of the Haiti earthquake of 2010. It was to organize Haitian women encouraging them to make healthcare a priority and desist domestic violence.  Bello is even a member of Darfur Women Action Group which a non-profit organization working for the genocide affected victims of Darfur region.

Who is he/she dating?

With a bisexual orientation, Bello has been into several relationships. She has a son with boyfriend Dan McDermott. Some of his other engagements have been with Bryn Mooser, Mariska Hargitay and at presently with Elijah Allan Blitz. One of her girlfriends has been Clare Munn. 

Maria Bello Hobbies

Her favourite past time or rather fitness regime is Muay Thai lethal kickboxing. Apart from that, she actively engages in charity work, such as 'Save the Children's' organisation.

Interesting Facts

She is one of the TV's highest paid actress and also 2017's Top 20 Richest actress.

Always wanted to become an action heroine, but later gave up the dream after the age of 40.

She once suffered from a terminal disease as revealed in 2012 in New York times.

She has even published a book: Whatever....Love is Love.