Thursday 29 June 2017

Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin is an American actor who was born on 12th February 1968 at Santa Monica, California, USA. He is the son of famous American actor, producer and director  James Brolin and a wildlife activist Jane Cameron(Agee). In the early age of 16 his parents got separated and his father married to actress Barbra Streisand. At first he was against his acting career but for a trial he was admitted to acting classes and soon he got interest in entertainment business. He is famous for his role in movie No Country For Old Man(2007). His role was also appreciated in movie Hollow Man, In the Valley of Ellah, American Gangster and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Brolin has always maintained his choices for films and his actions have always proved him right. 

Josh Brolin Religion

Josh has shown his unusual feeling by watching Travolta practicing Scientology on Marlon Brando. He soon realized that Scientology is not for him. He is happy with his own ideology but can not be bounded in rules and regulations of any religion. He has accepted acting as his religion and by full heartily he gives his best.

Josh Brolin Political Views

At Toronto Film Festival Josh released a comment about president Donal Trump "understand the art of conviction".He has criticized Donal Trump on security matters. It shows his lesser interest with Rebulican Party.But as he and his father has port rated the US president characters in films that show his interest in politics.

Who is he dating?

Josh was married three times.He was in deep love with actress Alice Adair and they got marrried in 1988 but just in six years they were separated. During their happy time they were blessed with two babies Trevor and Eden. He was having an affair with Minni Driver for six months. After this relationship for a long time he was spending his life in his solitude but in 2004 he amarried to actress Diane Lane. They were divorced in 2013 and at last Josh found his true love in his former assistant Kathryn Boyd and they got married in 2016.We wish the couple a happy and long ever lasting life.

Josh Brolin Hobbies

He is fond of painting and racing.In his leisure time he love to write stories based on his mother Jane Cameron(Agee). On the other hand he is a die hard fan of famous actor and director John Cassavetes and he has watched his film A Women Under The Influence more than 40 times. Moreover he is a family guy and enjoy cooking for his family during his vacation time. 

Interesting Facts

He has won 24th Annual Toyota Pro/celebrity race by completing in just 18 mins against professional drivers.
He is a collector of art pieces of American artist Malcolm Liepke.
His parents named him after the character Josh Randall played by Steve Mcqueen in famous television series Wanted: Dead or Alive(1958).
He and his father both has played the US president character in their films.