Thursday 29 June 2017

Jay Hernandez

Jay Hernandez (birth name Javier Manuel “Jay” Hernandez, Jr.) is an American actor. He was born on February 20, 1978 in Mountebello, California. He made his first on-screen appearance as Antonio Lopez in NBC’s sitcom Hang Time. He got his break through role in 2001 teen romance film Crazy/ Beautiful, in which he played the role of a high school student Carlos Nunez, opposite Kirsten Dunst. This was followed by his role in some major Hollywood film such as 2004 movies: Torque, Ladder 49 and Friday Night Lights, 2005 movie Hostel, 2006 movie World Trade Center, 2008 movie Lakeview Terrace, 2010 movie Takers and recently in Suicide Squad (2016) among many others.

Jay Hernandez Religion

Jay has kept his views in this department totally under wrap and hasn’t publically spoken on the topic. As far as his ancestry is concerned, he is of Mexican descent. So it might be safe to assume that he is a Christian.

Jay Hernandez Political Views

Jay doesn’t seem to be a fan of Donald Trump. He recently slammed Trump on his decision to withdraw from Paris Agreement. Targeting Trump, Jay tweeted, “Trump policies are myopic, juvenile and dangerous. The impoverished will suffer, the rich will prosper.” He also posted a picture of former US President Barack Obama captioned “Anti-intellectualism/corruption gave us Trump… oh how I miss a literate, thoughtful, pragmatic president.” This clearly suggests that Jay is definitely a democrat.

Who is he dating?

Jay Hernandez is married to actress Daniella Deutscher since 2006. He met her when he was just 14 years old and Daniella was 17 then. The two started dating each other and finally tied the knot in 2006. The couple is leading a successful married life since. They reportedly do not have any child as of yet.

Jay Hernandez Hobbies

Not much is known about Jay’s hobbies but we know that he enjoys being involved in philanthropy and activism. Also, he loves spending his spare time hanging out with family and friends.

Interesting Facts

  1. While riding an elevator in a skyscraper in Los Angeles, Jay met talent manager Howard Tyner who suggested him to that he could have a great career in Hollywood, and got him enrolled in acting school.
  2. Jay had to shave his eyebrows for the role of Diablo in Suicide squad, and was worried that it might not grow back.