Thursday 29 June 2017

Chyler Leigh

Chyler Leigh is an American actress, singer and model who was born on 10th April 1982 at Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.Her parents are Yvonne Norton and Roberts Potts. She started her modelling career at early age of 12 for various magazines and catalogs. Her modelling career was in seventh sky when started modelling for CocaCola and Wendy's Among others.She started her film carer in 2001 with famous comedy spoof Not Another Teen Movie. Afterwards soon she was in limelight when she was casted in Fox comedy That 80's show in 2002. Before her acting career she was indulge in addiction of drugs and cocaine. 

Chyler Leigh Religion

She believes in Christianity. She publicly admits that Christianity pounds patience within her. She and her husband started a charity organisation called Charity pulse.She makes her husband her reason to live and gives credits to him to bring her faith in Christianity which was lost after her addiction in drugs and cocaine. Apart from it she has supported enormously to non profitable organization Thirst Project. 

Chyler Leigh Political Views

Leigh is quite straight forward and hates back biters. She has bitter experience previously that is why she doesn't believe in politics at all. Although as reputed American she respects the constitutions and has promised to follow law full heartily. She thanks Church services to improve her bad habits and addiction of drugs.

Who is she dating?

Leigh met her future husband Nathan west at early age of 16 and started relationship soon. They left home for their career but stuck in addiction of drugs.They married in 2002. The couple has three children and they are quite loyal to each other. This long relationship is a bench mark for many couples and we hope they will continue this happy relationship for entire life.

Chyler Leigh Hobbies

Se loves music and believes that music is her soul. She was active in music performances in 2008 and 2011. She has also released on music video Tainted Love in 2001. She loves freedom and to symbolize that she has drawn a sprawling tattoo on her lower back which includes two creatures, star and night background.

Interesting Facts

At the age of 23 she was already involved in 9 TV series.
She was ranked 41 in Stuff magazine 102 sexiest women in the world in 2002.
Pronounciation of her name is "Kai-ler Lee".
She won existing new face female Young Hollywood Award in 2002.