Friday 30 June 2017

Billy Zane

Billy Zane is remembered in the showbiz predominantly for his role as Caledon Hockley in one of the most popular movies ever made, Titanic. Apart from that, this American actor has also worked in movies like Dead Calm, Memphis Belle, Orlando, Sniper, Tombstone, Only You, The Phantom, Danger Zone, Zoolander 2, Blue World Order and more. His versatility can be displayed by his performances in science fiction comedies like Back to the Future, horror film Demon Knight and comedy-drama CQ. His role in the mega blockbuster Titanic earned him several nominations such as Chicago Film Critics Association Award, Screen Actors' Guild Award, and MTV Movie Award. Billy even received an honorary degree from the Lium University, Switzerland, given his contribution to cinematography. He is also the Chairman of Francesco Fucilla Film production company 21st Century Filmworks. 

Billy Zane  Religion

Billy was born in Chicago, Illinois. Both his parents were of Greek descent and hence his religion can safely be concluded as Christianity. 

Billy Zane Political Views

Zane has received international recognition as an actor, but his political views are not publicly shared and practiced. He is the principal at RadioactiveGiant, a film and television production and distribution company. 

Who is he/she dating?

Billy's personal life has seen several turns. He was married to actress Lisa Collins and divorced her in 1995. Chilean actress Leonor Varella was also engaged to him when both were co-stars in the movie Cleopatra. He had an on and off relattionship with model turned actress Kelly Brook. He even dated Croatian model Jasmina Hdgha. Finally, American model Candice Nell is his current wife and mother of his two children.

Billy Zane Hobbies

Extremely fond of swimming, Zane started shaving his head primarily for aerodynamics. He has also been executive producer of certain movies. In the year 1999, Zane participated in the first Gumball 3000 rally where he drove a 1964 Aston Martin.

Interesting Facts

His family's original surname is Zanetakos, as they all are of Greek descent.

He was a voice artist in Kingdom of Hearts.

In the critically acclaimed film The Believer, he played the role of a neo-nazi.

He recently appeared for a KFC commercial to promote the new Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ chicken.