Wednesday 6 January 2021

Kelly Dodd Divorce

Famous television personality Kelly Dodd has decided to file for divorce from her husband, Michael Dodd, and as she says, the process, which she decided to fulfill as fast as possible, as she understands that the process is tiring and exhausting. Dodd rose to popularity as she started to appear in ‘’The Real Housewives of Orange County. She met her husband Michael also had a chance to develop himself through the reality show. The show, which features the daily life of couples, has a major influence in the day-to-day life of its participants. Dodd, along with other participants, is well known for creating drama on silly matters, and fights with other members of the show including Vicki Gunvalson, Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge. 

The English celebrity, has married thrice, with two divorces, and several other relationships, and has only one child. She was initially married to Scott Christopher Silva, which happened on March 2001. Further details regarding Silva is not available, but the un-natural life style of Dodd might have influenced their marriage life too, and might have become the reason for their divorce all of a sudden. They filed for divorce on the month October of the year 2004, and got separated in the same year. She later got married to Michael Dodd on April 2006. In contrast to her previous relationships, this one lasted for around four teen years, and the couple has blessed with a baby girl. Their daughter was born on 2006, and she was named as Jolie. Their family remained as a happy and ideal one, until there aroused differences between the concepts of the couple. 

Reports says that there remained a darker side between the couple, and that Dodd always raised her voice against her husband. One of her fellow participants in The Real Housewives of the Orange County Gunavalson, revealed that she always fights with her husband, and she didn’t liked him at all. Gunavalson also stated that Michael Dodd wanted to stay with his wife, no matter what. There were some other reports saying that Michael Dodd had filed a restraining order against his wife in July 2014. She had to complete 10 alcoholics’ anonymous meeting and six months therapy as a result of that order. However, after the separation, she was hitched to some other men too. 

Dodd was in a relationship with plastic surgeon Brian Reagan in the end of 2018, but the long distance relationship was kind of weird for Dodd, and therefore they stopped their relationship around mid-2019, ie, after six months of dating. Dodd has also faced other court cases too during the Real Housewives of Orange County, which included a defamation lawsuit filed by Gunvalson in November 2019. It was with the reason that Dodd called Gunvalson ‘con woman’, which destroyed Gunvalson’s reputation, and she failed to replaced her good-name. 

Later in 13th November 2019, Dodd announced that she is dating her then boyfriend Rick Leventhal.  She was in such an excitement about getting engaged, and Leventhal has proposed her with a large pear-shaped diamond ring, which she values a lot.