Thursday 22 June 2017

Alice Eve

Alice Eve

Alice Sophia Eve was born on the 6th February 1982. She is an English actress best known for her role in the movie Star Trek Into Darkness, Men in Black 3, She is out of my league, Crossing Over, Starter 10 and Sex and the City 2. She was also seen on the television shows like Hawking, The Rotter’s Club and Agatha Christie’s Poirot. She was also seen in movies like Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb and Criminal. She was last seen in “Nosedive” in 2016, an episode from the anthology series Black Mirror.

Alice Eve Religion

Alice was born in a religious family and grew up following Christianity as her religion. Her ancestry is English, Irish and Welsh. She belongs to the British nationality and is believed to be a Roman Catholic. Apart from this not much is spoken by the English actress about her religion as far as the news and tabloids are concerned.

Alice Eve Political Views

Alice has never gone on record and mentioned anything about her political views. She was involved in the controversy with Bruce Jenner, when she mentioned that Jenner was only “playing” at being a woman. This leads us to believe that she does not support the transgender community. However she did go on record and apologized to Caitlyn Jenner and also mentioned that she does support equal rights for women. After all that is said about the English actress, it is safe to say that she is non-political.

Who is he/she dating?

Alice has been in a relationship with Rafe Spall for a brief period from 2004 till 2006. She was also dating the English actor Rufus Sewell for 2 years after which she was in a relationship with the poet Adam O’Riordan who she met at Oxford and broke up with him in 2012. Alice then got married to “her high-school sweetheart, financier Alex Cowper smith. They got married on the 31st of December 2014 and were separated recently in April 2017. 

Alice Eve Hobbies

Alice likes reading and writing poetry in her free time. Her favorite poet is Andrew Marvell. In the past she has written thesis on William Wordsworth at the Oxford University. Her enjoys being fit and regularly goes to the gym. She takes care about her sleeping hours and makes sure that she eats healthy. 

Interesting Facts

Alice has heterochromia, her right eye is green whereas her left eye is blue.

She is good friends with Benedict Cumberbatch.

She had to learn how to speak American English since she was often misunderstood in school.