Wednesday 6 January 2021

Summit1g Divorce

Summit1g, the American Twitch streamer, whose real name is Jaryd Russell Lazar, is reported to be in a relationship with fellow gamer Lilchipmunk. Her real name is Caroline, which is not a well-known name. Lazar, the 33 year old gamer was born on 27th April 1987. 

Lazar seems to be in a relationship with lilchipmunk, which is evident from his and her social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. The duo has posted several photos in the social media platforms. Lilchipmunk, who is quite famous on Instagram and Twitch has approximately a number of 4,00,000 followers. She was born on Canada, on 28th November 1993. 

Before Lilchipmunk, Lazar was married to Desirae Lazar, who is also involved in the gaming community.  Currently, she is acting as Summit1g’s manager. She is the co-ordinator who is responsible for the proper working and presentation of the talents of Lazar. 

It was in year 2013 that Lazar and Desirae got married. They met almost six years before their wedding, as Desirae was an admin on a gaming site where Lazar played online video games. They met sometime around 2007 through Twitch, and later, almost after 2 months, they decided to get out of the gaming world, and to meet physically, which later led to a beautiful relationship.

They decided to get married on April 25, 2013, a couple of days after Summit1g’s birthday. However, the couple decided to apply for divorce and get separated sometime around the year 2016, two years after their wedding, which was filled with their relatives and other loved ones. 

The news about their divorce came out to the public only after one year of their separation, in 2017. Lazar himself announced about the same through his Twitter account, on which he stated that, he tried to keep everything secret, but currently is exposed to the truth, and has to admit about the failure in his relationship with his wife. 

Despite the split, Desirae is currently the manager of Lazar, and always shows the appreciation for his hard work through her social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram. Desirae is currently married to another man and has two twin daughters. 

Later in 2017, he stared dating his fellow gamer Lilchipmunk, aka Caroline. The couple love story is kind of problematic, as Lazar had to face some adversities in the name of Caroline. He once apologized to the fellow streamer called Sweet Anita, who is facing Tourette’s syndrome, on behalf of Caroline. Caroline has commented on one of Anita’s clip that Twitch is promoting hatred by allowing streamers like her. Later, after receiving several bad messages in the name of the hatred comment, Caroline apologized saying that she was not in the right state of mind while making the comment, and was emotional and did not think it through. 

After two days, Lazar apologized to Anita, saying that she is well playing on Twitch, and should keep up with the amazing work she is doing. Caroline has faced bad words from critics after dancing with sexual base on Twitch after a game too.