Tuesday 5 January 2021

Joel Osteen Divorce

Joel Osteen, the American pastor, televangelist, and author, is rumoured to be getting divorced from his wife Victoria Osteen. She is the co-pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, where her husband acts as the senior pastor. The couple has not made any comments about the news, but there are speculations that the couple had a difference in ideas in several matters including those of the Church. 

It was on 4th April 1987 that Osteen married Victoria. She moved to Houston when she was two years old, since her father joined the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Her mother was a teacher at the Sunday school, and father was a deacon in the Church of Christ. She grew up in a conservative environment from a very young age itself. Later in college, she studied psychology, and after that, she ventured to help her mother in their jewellery business. 

Joel Osteen, who happens to be a well-known writer and author, has authored a number of books including Your best life now; 7 Steps to living at your full potential, Become a better you; 7 keys to improving your life every day, and it’s your time; activate your faith, achieve your dreams, and increase in god’s favour, etc. He is the son of John Osteen, who used to be a former Southern Baptist pastor, and later became the founding pastor of the Lakewood church in Houston, and was the pastor there from 1959 to 1999, until his death. 

Osteen did his graduation from High School and studied Radio and Television, and began Lakewood’s television program, which was aimed to broadcast his gather’s televised sermons. His father John Osteen, was the senior pastor of Lakewood church at that time. In the year 1999, John Osteen died of heart attack, which resulted in Joel Osteen becoming the senior pastor of Lakewood Church. 

It was in at the time when Victoria Osteen used to help her mother in Jewellery business that she met Joel Osteen. Since then, they are always included in the concept of a happy and ideal couple. Victoria was always seen as a great support to her husband, who was included in Barbara Walter’s ’10 most fascinating people of 2006’ list, and is still considered as one among the most famous man on Earth. 

All the siblings of Osteen, including Paul, Lisa, and Tamara, are involved in full-time ministry service. His wife Victoria, is his co-pastor in the Lakewood Church of Houston. There were reports that the disputes between the pastor couples is in the name of the activities in the church, as they have misunderstandings between them regarding the same. However, no confirmations about the matter of their divorce is not available. Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen has two kids, son Jonathan Osteen, who follows the path of his father and grandfather as a pastor, and daughter Alexandra Osteen, who is known as a singer. 

Even though the talks about the divorce of the televangelist couples is in air, there seems to be no problem between the two, and they have always cared to spread the word of love through their social media accounts.