Tuesday 5 January 2021

Mary Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy Divorce

Former child artist Mary Kate Olsen, wife of the French banker Olivier Sarkozy has filed for divorce on 13th May 2020. But the pandemic seems to be a badly influencing factor for the couple, as far as known, most of the problems between them had started ever since the pandemic spread started. 

Olivier Sarkozy, the step brother of the former president of France Nicolas Sarkozy, was previously married to Charlotte Bernard, with whom he has two children, Margot and Julien. They ended their marriage in 2011, after living in a 13 years old married life. 

Mary Kate Olsen, the actress and fashion designer, started her acting career when she was just an year old, along with her twin sister Ashley Olsen, in the television sitcom Full House. She met Sarkozy in April 2012, in a party. Photographs of them spending time together at the Madison Square Garden during the game between the New York Knicks and the Dallas Mavericks in November 2012 circulated through the internet, for which either of the celebrities made no comment. 

It was a time when Olsen stated that boys are not mature enough for her, which helped the media in confirming the suspicion. After dating for about a year, Sarkozy proposed Olsen, but she was not ready for a commitment, it seems. One of her insiders stated that she wanted to give more time to the relationship. Sarkozy gave another shot for proposal in February 2014, for which Olsen said yes instantly. 

Mary Kate Olsen’s family was so satisfied with their relationship that they though the couple as a perfect match. 21 months after being in a relationship, the couple got married in an exclusive New York County ceremony on 27th November 2015. The most notable detail, with which the function got so popular was that “bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes for guests.”

Apart from the marriage function, the couple remained notoriously silent for the whole 5 years of their marriage. Olsen has expressed her love towards her step-children: kids of Sarkozy and his ex-wife. Their life seemed to be a happy and quiet one until Olsen filed the petition of divorce. 

It was in 17th April 2020 that Mary Kate Olsen signed for a divorce petition against her husband in the NYC court. She also filed a request to prevent Sarkozy from terminating the lease on their apartment, from which Sarkozy has asked her to move out before 18th May. Reason for Olsen’s sudden decision for divorce is unknown, but some inside sources has reported that she did so because of Charlotte Bernard, Sarkozy’s ex-wife.

It seems like the French banker wanted his ex-wife and family to remain safe from the pandemic, due to which he welcomed them to live together with him and Olsen. Since Olsen loved the kids from Sarkozy’s previous marriage, it can be assumed that it is the presence of Bernard that disturbed her. 

Olsen has requested for an emergency order to end her marriage, since all the non-emergency cases in court has postponed due to the pandemic. She is currently living with her twin sister Ashley Olsen.