Tuesday 5 January 2021

Jaime King and Kyle Newman Divorce

American actress Jamie King has filed for divorce from her husband Kyle Newman, with a number of allegations on May 2020. Newman has accused a number of allegations against King, including that she has engaged in reckless behaviors that endangered the children, which she later denied. 

Jamie King, who started her career as a model in 1993, had her debut in acting through the 1999 Daniel Winter film Happy Campers, as Pixel. She appeared in the movie Fanboys in the year 2005, in the sets of which she met the director Kyle Newman. They started dating soon and moved in together. He proposed her in 2007, and got married on November 2007. She explained the wedding function as ‘intimate and relaxed’, which was held in Los Angeles at Greystone Mansion, the same place where Newman proposed her. 

The initial years of the couple was filled with tension and sadness, as King was struggling with endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome, which led to supposed infertility. King later revealed in an interview that she had five miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy prior to her first successful pregnancy. On May 2013, the couple happily announced that they were expecting their first child, and was born in October 2013; their son James Newman. Later in July 2015, King gave birth to their second son Leo Newman, who has Taylor Swift as his godmother. 

The celebrity family seemed to be happily living, until King filed for divorce from Newman, along with the request for a domestic violence restraining order on May 2020. Kyle Newman, the Hollywood screen writer and director, has stated that he has filed an ex parte request followed by King’s restraining order request, and has made his own allegations against her. 

King claims that she has faced repeated abuse from Newman since the birth of their elder son, where the abuse includes electronic surveillance, recording her without her knowledge, chasing her in his car, and staging a fake intervention to force her into confinement. She also claims that Newman has called her inappropriate names in front of their children, which made the kids sad and frightened. 

The couple, who has currently decided to end their 13 years of married life, seems to have several indifferences from a long time ago itself. There are reports that King has been practicing a lot of yoga and meditation from almost one year, which helps in stress relief. The allegations of Newman against King says that she has tried to keep the children away from him, and has no source of income, as he stayed at home for looing after the children. He says that King has remained out of country for most of the time in the name of film shooting, which made him to stay in home itself to take care of the children. 

Newman has claimed for a large amount of money from King, until he finds a stable source of income, as he is currently living by the money given by his loved ones.