Wednesday 6 January 2021

James McAvoy Divorce

The Scottish actor James McAvoy is currently married to Lisa Liberati, the American production assistant. McAvoy was previously married to Annie-Marie Duff, who is a well-known English actress and narrator. McAvoy become popular with his big screen roles in movies including the Chronicles of Narnia, the Witch and Wardrobe, Wanted, and as Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men film franchise. Duff is well known for her roles in films Enigma, Notes on a Scandal, The Last Station, Before I Go to Sleep, and Suffragette. She has received the BAFTA award for supporting actress and McAvoy has won a number of BAFTA nominations. 

McAvoy stated his acting career in the year 1995, and gained popularity through his television appearances till 2003. He met his future wife Anne Marie Duff in 2004, while filming of the television series Shameless, who played the role of his love interest in the series. They dated for about two years and married on 11th November 2006, in a private ceremony, which was attended by their close family and friends only. The couple welcomed their one and only child, son Brendan in the year 2010. They were very caring about the kid, and in order to avoid any disruptions in his life due to his parents’ busy professional life, they together bought a home in North London, so that they can spend their time when they were free with their son. 

The couple decided to choose separate paths in life and announced the same on 13th May 2016. Their statement regarding the same explained that the decision was a hard one to take, but as it was a necessity, they are getting divorced. The couple jointly announced that they will remain good friends and will remain as a strong support for each other whenever in need. They also took the decision to work together for providing their son a happy and better future. 

As decided earlier, both the parties never talked about each other out in public, and Duff once defined divorce as a difficult experience, in which no warnings are given. McAvoy admitted that his life has changed a lot after the divorce, and some other things are the same even after the divorce. He revealed that he was able to remove his addiction to whiskey, as he wanted to do it a long time ago. Duff also said that she has more time for herself and son Brandon after the divorce. 

McAvoy met Lisa Liberati in the sets of the M. Night Shyamalan film Split, where she worked as the production assistant. Since 2017, they were rumored to be in a relationship, but either of them never mentioned anything about the same. Even though the couple is not hesitant in appearing publicly with each other, they never says anything out in public about each other. However, tabloid newspapers found a ring in the hands of Liberati, which they speculate to be a wedding ring. Rumors are there that the couple has married secretly, but no confirmation regarding the same is available.