Wednesday 6 January 2021

Bill Ackman Divorce

William Albert Ackman, commonly known as Bill Ackman, is the famous American investor, and hedge fund manager, is currently enjoying his life with his second wife, Neri Oxman. He was previously married to Karen Ann Herskovitz, and ended the 25 year old relationship. Ackman is the founder of the Pershing Square Capital Management, which concentrated on hedge funding, and is located on the 11th Avenue in New York. 

It was along with his wife Karen Ann Herskovitz, that Ackman founded the Pershing Square Capital Management, which has currently a turn-over of around billions of money, and includes a lot of real estate areas too. Ann Herskovitz is a landscape architect, and she met Ackman in a very young age itself. They got married on 10th July 1994, in a ceremony at the St. Regis, which included their parents, best friends, and other close ones only. Their life was perfect and ideal for all the other couples, and they got blessed with three children, who are named as Eloise Ackman, Lucy Ackman, and Liza Ackman. Herskovitz always remained as a strong support for her husband, both in family and professional field. Reports says that the couple together has amassed an estimated amount of 1.65 bilion dollars, along with 13,500 square- foot duplex dubbed ‘the Winter Garden’.

It was after the accusation of all this wealth that Herskovitz decided to call it quits. They made a statement together about the separation as, ‘it saddens us to share that after 25 years together, we are separating. It is an amicable split, and we are making sure that we minimize the impact on our girls. We value your friendship and greatly appreciate your support.’ The couple seemed to be really emotional, while announcing about their separation, but it seemed to be an essential thing. The reason behind their separation is unknown, as there seemed to be no indifferences between their couples. 

There seems to be a huge amount as the settlement once the divorce is finalized, as Herskovits has a crucial role in the development of the foundation of their institution. However, no information regarding the settlement amount is not available, as either the parties has not talked openly to the media about the divorce processes. It was on 22nd December 2016 that the divorce of the couple was finalized. 

Ackman got engaged to Neri Oxman in 2018, two years after his divorce from Herskovitz. Oxman, the American-Israeli designer and professor at the MIT Media Lab. As two people getting in contact on the basis of profession, they had known each some time ago. They decided to get married on January 2019, at the Central Synagogue in Manhattan. Their marriage was kind of a private function, which was attended by some close friends and family only. Their first child Raika, was born on the spring of 2019. As of now, Ackman is living happily with his wife and daughter at New York.