Saturday 1 August 2020

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Ingrid Johansson, the American actress and singer was born on 22nd November 1984, as the daughter of architect Karsten Olaf Johansson and Melanie Sloan.

Scarlett Johansson, is world’s highest paid actress from the year 2018. Her film debut was with the 1994 fantasy comedy movie North. The 2003 movie Lost in Translation, with Bill Murray in lead role was the movie with which Johansson shifted into adult character roles. Charlotte of Lost in Translation won her a BAFTA award for Best Actress.

Johansson’s notable characters include Black Widow of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Avengers franchise, Samantha of 2013 movie Her, and others in Lucy (2014), Under the Skin (2013) and Ghost in the Shell (2017).

Scarlett Johansson Religion

Johansson has not opened up much about her religion or her religious beliefs, but she identifies herself as Jewish, as her mother Melanie Sloan is Jew. Yet once she told the media that she follows both Christian and Jewish cultures.

She married Ryan Reynolds in a less cultural style, including not much rituals. Yet, it is safe to assume that Scarlett Johansson prefers to be of Jewish culture, but is not hesitant with any religion.

Scarlett Johansson Political Views

She was registered as an independent voter in her early years and preferred not to open up much about her political views. In the year 2004, she campaigned for the Democratic candidate John Kerry for the US Presidential Elections, and she expressed her disappointment when George W. Bush got re-elected. Johansson took part in the Presidential Elections campaign of 2008 also for Barack Obama and encouraged women to vote for him.

Who is she dating?

Scarlett Johansson dated actor Josh Hartnett, her Black Dahlia co-star for two years and got separated in 2006. Later in 2007, she began a relationship with Ryan Reynolds and they married in the year 2008. The couple divorced in 2011 after staying separated for almost one year. Johansson got engaged to the French businessman Romain Duriac in 2012. They have a daughter named Rose Dorothy Duriac, and after four years of togetherness, they divorced in the year 2016. Presently, she is engaged to Colin Jost.

Scarlett Johansson Hobbies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe star loves shopping along with acting and music. She aspired to be an actress from a very young age and was interested in music also.

Johansson formed a band in 2015 called as the Single and released albums with the band. Beyond that, she has sung for several movies, the Jungle Book and Sing being most popular among them.

Interesting Facts

    • Scarlett Johansson is left handed.
    • Her grandfather, Ejner Johansson, was an art historian, screen writer and film director.
    • Actress Vanessa Johansson is her elder sister.
    • She has a twin brother Hunter Johansson, who is 3 minutes younger to her.
    • Johansson celebrated her 20th birthday on Disneyland.
    • She got the role of Agent Natasha Romanoff in Iron Man 2 after Emily Blunt dropped out of the cast.
    • She has a cat named as “Trooper” and a Chihuahua named as “Maggie”.
    • The American actress suffers from ornithophobia (fear of birds).