Monday 3 August 2020

Katherine Langford

Katherine Langford, the Australian actress was born on 29th April 1996, in Perth, Western Australia. She is the daughter of Elizabeth Langford, a paediatrician, and Stephen Langford, a flying doctor.

After completing her graduation, Langford decided to join acting school, but she was rejected from everywhere since she had no life experiences. Later, she attended acting classes and workshops, and later started her acting career by doing several small independent films, including Story of Miss Oxygen (2015), Imperfect Quadrant (2016), and Daughter (2016).

In December 2016, she did the role of American high school student Hannah Baker in the first two seasons of the mystery teen drama television series “13 Reasons Why”.

Her debut movie was The Misguided (2018), and later acted as Leah in Love, Simon, and in the year 2019, she did the movie Knives Out.

Katherine Langford Religion

Langford was raised in a Christian family, thereby her religion becoming Christianity.

It is not known if Langford still follows her religion or if she has changed her religious beliefs and traditions. There seems to be no reference regarding the religion or religious beliefs of the Australian actress anywhere. It is safe to assume that Langford is not interested in discussing her religion related information with the public.

Katherine Langford Political Views

Langford is a self-declared feminist. She supports women coming forward to film industry and contributing their talent to the world. She also says that being a young actress at the start of her career, the support for women in the film field is pretty impressive.

It is not known if Langford supports any political party. She has not expressed her opinion regarding any of the present political circumstances.

Who is she dating?

Langford is single presently.

Rumours say that she was in a relationship with her “13 Reasons Why” co-star Dylan Minnette, and the couple have made several public appearances during that period. But presently Minnette is dating someone else, to be precise, from 2018, he is committed to someone else, which shows that Langford broke up with him.

The relationship history of Langford is kind of unknown, as she is just a fresher in the field of movies. Also, it seems like she is not so interested in making her personal life exposed to the public, as she has not made much statements regarding her personal life, other than that about movies.

Katherine Langford Hobbies

Langford studied music during school days in classical, jazz and contemporary. Also, she was the sports captain at that time. She used to be a nationally ranked swimmer too.

During her high school time, she wrote and sang three songs and shared the videos, namely: “I’ve Got a Crush on Zoe Bosch”, “Young and Stupid” and “3 Words”.

Therefore, it can be assumed that Katherine Langford has a taste in all kinds of arts, beyond having good acting skills.

Interesting Facts

    • She is the elder sister of Josephine Langford, who is also an actress.
    • Langford was a nationally ranked swimmer during her school days.
    • She learned piano by watching online videos.
    • She is a great fan of Lady Gaga.