Monday 3 August 2020

Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya-Josephine Marie Taylor-Joy, the American actress with Argentine and British ancestry was born on 16th April 1996, in Florida. Her father was an international banker and mother worked in interior designing field.

Taylor-Joy did modelling before becoming an actor. Her debut movie is The Witch (2016), by which she got prominence in the film industry. She did the sci-fi-horror film Morgan, two sequels of the Unbreakable film series, Split, and Glass, comedy-drama film Emma, etc. On television, she played in The Miniaturist (2017), Peaky Blinders (2019), The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (2019).

Anya Taylor-Joy Religion

Her ancestry includes African, Spanish, English, Scottish and Argentinian. She was raised as a Catholic between London and Argentinian cultures. But it is not known which is the religion that she follows, since she has different ancestries. Moreover, she has not revealed anything regarding her religion or religious beliefs.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that whatever her religion is, she is not interested in discussing about that in public.

Anya Taylor-Joy Political Views

The American actress seems to be not too open about her political thoughts or views about the present political circumstances. There is no references regarding her statements about politics or any related matters.

However, in an interview, she said that she is happy to be in an era of #MeToo, as the movement has helped a lot in reassuring a place for women in every field, including film industry. Taylor-Joy also stated that she is able to express her opinion as each and every actor in the field, the movement being a main reason for that.

Who is she dating?

Anya Taylor-Joy is presently engaged to the Irish model and film maker, Eoin Christopher Macken. He is 13 years older to Taylor-Joy. There is no information about when the couple started dating or anything related to that, as Taylor-Joy likes to keep her private life as private as possible. Tabloid newspapers had spotted the couple together earlier.

In an interview, Macken stated that they might be together for approximately two years; and the interview was in the year 2015. Therefore, it is evident that the couple had been together for almost half a decade, i.e. 5 years. The date in which they got engaged is not known, but Macken likes to mention Taylor-Joy in most of his social media posts, in contrary to her. 

Anya Taylor-Joy Hobbies

Beyond acting, the Glass’ star is also interested in playing electric guitar. Being interested in music, she also likes to write songs in her free time, even though any of the songs have not published yet.

Also, she has practised ballet dancing for a while during her childhood. Thereby, it is evident that Taylor-Joy has other artistic interests beyond acting.

Interesting Facts

    • She has the citizenship of U.S., U.K., and Argentina.
    • Taylor-Joy has studied ballet dancing.
    • She was selected as a model by Storm Management while walking outside a department store.
    • Taylor-Joy likes to play electric guitar.
    • She was raised in Argentina up to the age of six, and she only knew Spanish at that time.