Tuesday 4 December 2018

Kane Show Divorce

Kane Show Divorce

Popular radio personality Peter Deibler, Also known as Kane, from his morning talk show “The Kane Show” was married to Natasha Deibler in 2007.

Later, In 2016 the news came that Peter has been arrested in Maryland after his soon-to-be ex-wife accused him of second-degree assault, according to court records.The initial warrant for his arrest was issued on May 25, the day he was charged with the assault, according to Montgomery County District Court records. Deibler got released the same day after he posted a $3,500 bond.

Initially the couple were silent about the divorce when they were reached through phone but later got very vocal about their nasty divorce an its details on their own respective platforms, his radio show ‘HOT 99.5 FM’ and her personal blog ‘little pink monsters’. According to Natasha’s statement in the protective order petition Peter had threatened her on the phone before arriving at his house to pick up their two daughters. She wrote, Once she entered, he grabbed her “forcibly.” She added, “I told him to stop. He was hurting me and [the] children were present. He then wrapped his left arm around me, lifted me off the floor with both arms and threw me into a wall in the hallway,” Natasha stated in her written statement in court documents. According to the documents, as a result of the incident she suffered from a sprained knee, bruising, a black eye and a head injury.

In court, both Peter and Natasha offered wildly different versions of the assaulting incident. Peter Deibler said when his wife called to say she would be late picking up the girls, “She sounded slurred and not coherent,” he said. While Natasha Deibler said she entered his apartment fearing for the safety of her daughters. “I believed they were in danger,” she said.

Later, Prosecutors in Maryland dropped the assault charge against Peter Deibler. They indicated that the allegations were related to the couple’s ongoing bitter divorce and custody battle. “We have two people who are getting divorced — they dislike each other,” said Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Terrence McGann. “They despise each other. They detest each other. They loathe each other,” he added.

About Kane show

Peter a.k.a Kane is host of the nationally syndicated Club Kane, a Sunday night music radio program which launched in March 2010 with Premiere Networks and airs nationwide on nearly 100 Top 40 stations.

Kane is also host of The Kane Show, the top-rated morning radio program which airs on his flagship station, HOT 99.5/WIHT in Washington, D.C. and is syndicated each morning on stations around the US and the iHeartRadio app via The Kane Show channel. The Kane Show features Kane, along with sidekicks Intern John and producers Erick and Scott.