Tuesday 4 December 2018

Julia Roberts Divorce

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder Divorce

It is said that marriages are made in heaven but seems like divorces are not the same, since they don't happen without reason. Sometimes its conflicting interests, other times just the lost spark and when it comes to split, infidelity is one of the most common causes. When it is the divorce of a celebrity couple, topic is tend to be the talk of the town. “Pretty Girl” starer Julia Roberts has her own split story. Yes the dashing couple and will be soon beginning the court proceedings. Hearsay has it that the divorce will be $225 millions affair.

If you are wondering the reason about the split, then it is her on screen love Richard Gere. Huband Danny Moder has got his nerves rubbed him big time. “Julia and Danny have had their flare-ups over the years, but nothing like this fight,” a source spilled. “Danny was furious about Richard, and dumped out all his frustrations about their troubled marriage in one ferocious rant!”

Grapevine has it that the spark reignited between the two after their 80's rom com, Pretty Woman, while celebrating 25th anniversary of their blockbuster. “They’ve met numerous times for discreet dinner dates,” a source spilled. “They’ll book a private room, where they’ll be left uninterrupted and can even stay past closing hours.” The couple reportedly was spotted having PDA on camera but seem to have taken it off reel. A birdie has it, “He suspected that Julia was secretly meeting Richard, but reading about it in the media was humiliating to him.” “Julia was shocked by how ferociously Danny went after her,” a source spilled. “He ripped her for everything from her trysts with Richard to treating him like her houseboy.”

Like other celebs, these two have been having their own pandora box of horrifying post wedding issues, which includes their three kids. The couple is said to have a secretly separated life. The kids had been going to Our Lady of Malibu, a Catholic school not far from their home. “But Danny insisted Julia send them to another school in Calabasas. That really hurt Julia because she loved Our Lady of Malibu and what it meant to her family.” A source revealed.

About Julia and Danny

An American actress and producer, Julia rose to fame after doing 80's super hit blockbuster Pretty Woman, which bagged $464 million worldwide. Three Golden Globe Awards and four Academy Awards are in her kitty for her outstanding performance in Erin Brockovich”.

Originally known as Daniel Richard Moder, is a known American cinematographer, who has showcased his talent in few films as Secret in Their Eyes, The Mexican and Fireflies in Garden. He has also bagged Primetime Emmy Award nomination for cinematography in Julia Roberts starrer television film, The Normal Heart, directed by Ryan Murphy.